Adobe After Effects CC 2020 v17.0.4.59

Characteristics Adobe After Effects CC 2020 v17.0.4.59

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
License: Free
English language


Adobe After Effects CC 2020 v17.0.4.59

Adobe After Effects is a popular program that is designed for editing dynamic images, as well as video. Most often, this application is used to create a music video, commercial, animation. Modern filmmakers and graphic designers use this program in their work. This is currently the leading software that is designed to create special effects for animated graphics and dynamic images. The Adobe After Effects CC 2020 v17.0.4.59 application has some similarities with the popular Photoshop video program. There are similar tools for creating video images.

Program Details

The program is distributed in shareware mode. No need to look for a key to get Adobe After Effects activation. The cracked version will allow you to get all the features of the program for free. The new RotoBrush tool allows you to select silhouettes and draw characters on a different background without using a color screen. The program has a wide range of video tools that perform different functions: deformation of a video, drawing, adding special effects, working with color solutions and much more.

This program is often used to create dynamic presentations with three-dimensional effects. Adobe After Effects 2020 has special tools that provide convenient project management and working with presets. It is also worth paying attention to the extensive tools for working with titles and mounting screensavers.

Advantages of the program:

A large number of effects for the video.
A wide range of filters and tools.
Full integration with Adobe Premiere.
A collection of useful and important plugins.
Intuitive interface.

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