System requirements AdGuard

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi


AdGuard for macOS is a unique application designed to block ads, protect users from phishing and from collecting personal data on the Internet, which takes into account all the features of the software architecture of macOS. The program works not only with Safari, but also with any other browsers compatible with this operating system.

More about the program

In addition to video ads and banners embedded in web pages, AdGuard for macOS blocks pop-ups and other annoying website elements – contact forms, online consultation modules, etc. In addition, the program can remove ads in various macOS applications without disrupting their work. This application requires almost no configuration: immediately after installing it, the reliable protection of AdGuard begins to operate on your Mac.


New Adguard allows you to enjoy Internet surfing and not be distracted by strangers. Watch the videos you want on YouTube, Twitch and other sites, not promotional videos. View your friends’ photos on Facebook and Vkontakte, not endless banners. the program gives you freedom of choice and saves your nerves. It works perfectly in all browsers and was designed specifically for OS X.

What can Adguard do?

Anti-banner. The filtering is carried out invisibly, and ads are blocked even before loading on the page.
Antiphishing. The program checks each page against the databases of malicious sites and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.
Anti-tracking. Any counters and tracking tools will be blocked. With Adguard you can be sure about the privacy of your actions on the Internet.

Why Adguard?

It works in all browsers. Safari, Chrome – name any. There are no exceptions. Easy to install. With just a few clicks, your Mac is ad-protected. You don’t have to rack your brains over setting up the program – you just go online, and the program does all the work.

Blocking video ads.

Any video ad, on any website – Adguard will handle it.
Filtering in applications. This program is more than just a browser add-on. It will help you get rid of ads in any application on your Mac.
Supported in all versions of OS X starting from 10.10 64-bit.
The intuitive and user-friendly interface includes additional features such as Assistant and Filtering Log.
Regular updates of advertising filters and anti-phishing databases.

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