Absolute Drift

System requirements Absolute Drift:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
CPU: 2.2 GHz
Video card: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 500 MB


Absolute Drift

Computer toy Absolute Drift is an arcade racing simulator. The game traces the excellent quality of the work of the creators, minimalism, racing style drift. The game was developed by developers from the studio Funselektor Labs Inc. fans of the racing mode called drift can enjoy this game, because there are many variations. Having started the game, you can try your hand at passing sharp turns, glide on smooth surfaces, and also maneuver along the edge of a cliff. If you are confident in your abilities, or just want to try your luck, then we offer the Absolute Drift game to download torrent using the capabilities of the game resource that you are currently on. We suggest discussing some features of the game in order to know what you are faced with.

More about the game

First of all, we want to touch on the topic of visualization in the game. As mentioned earlier, the game belongs to the style of minimalism. Therefore, in the playing space in front of you will be a small number of elements, the use of several colors, detail is practically absent. There is a top view. This is very practical and convenient, since the whole picture opens immediately before you. Advancing in the game, and overcoming levels, you will be available to receive new cars. They will have some distinctive features, color, technical specifications, handling, skidding on corners, and much more. fans of simple computer games, where there are no annoying moments and difficult tasks, can now download Absolute Drift via torrent. For this, there is our game resource.

Game features

Now discuss the mechanics of the game. Here the arcade is mixed with simulation. Using real physics in the game makes it very attractive, although you don’t need to use the gas / brake pedals, as well as the hand brake to make the turn. It takes into account the applied force, which allows you to adjust the trajectory of your car. You can change the trajectory while driving, but this can not always be done easily. The game does not have aggression, dynamic events and actions. You can relax during the game. The game uses high-quality musical accompaniment, as well as support for all controllers. Here is a good simulator, an arcade, and you can start the game at any time if the game Absolute Drift download torrent from this page.

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