ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Characteristics ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
License: Free
English language


ABBYY Screenshot Reader

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a unique product from ABBYY Europe GmbH, which is used to produce screenshots and determine text from photographs and drawings. Download the utility for free on this page. The work of the utility is very peculiar. After starting the program, a small window appears on the screen, in which all the functionality of this utility is neatly located. In the list of commands, you should determine the capture mode from the image screen. This can be the entire area of ​​the screen, a separate application window, the part selected with the mouse, or a full screen with a timer delay, to pre-prepare the data by the user.

Program Details

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a convenient and easy-to-use utility for creating screenshots of any area of ​​the screen. You can save the image of the entire screen, application window or manually selected area. You can use these images when preparing presentations or send them by e-mail to friends or colleagues. If necessary, the application will recognize the text from the selected area of ​​the screen and save it in an editable format. This is convenient if the text cannot be copied in the usual way, for example, in animated clips, multimedia presentations, graphic images.

Utility Features

You can move between modes using the third list of commands. The captured image is transferred and saved to the exchanger or simply to the selected file. The application can isolate text in Russian, English, French, German. It is possible to add the necessary languages. The program interacts with the Windows operating system in all variations. An activation code is needed when using the version.

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