ABBYY FineReader

Characteristics ABBYY FineReader

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
License: Free
English language


ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is worth the attention of professionals. Its purpose is to translate images of documents in electronic formats. Which, in the future, you can edit. This development is convenient for work, for businessmen and students. ABBYY FineReader has the following functions: can translate image documents into electronic formats in 190 languages; has the ability to scan and highlight fragments. As well as scanning and saving images.

Program Details

This program ABBYY FineReader saves time, since you do not need to type texts manually. The rules for using the application are set out on the Internet and on a special site. The program has many awards. Such as: “the best product of 2009”; “Best Product of 2013”; “ITExpert (2011) Expert Choice”; “The best software of 2009” and others. Quality, a huge number of awards; large selection of foreign languages. Ability to work with pictures, non-editable documents. Easy to use and free. All About ABBYY FineReader.

Utility Features

In order to start working on this program, 2 requests are required: ABBYY FineReader activation, and then the ABBYY FineReader key. This is necessary in order for the program that was downloaded to the computer to be activated, to be able to work. For those who want to quickly understand all the functions and capabilities of this program, there is a special video. It shows the following things: how to download, install and activate the program, how to work on it. Other instructions also exist. Written and photo instructions. Everything is described on them in the same detail as on the video. However, the video file is perceived faster.

It is worth emphasizing that ABBYY FineReader is not just an award-winning program. This is the best among similar programs. And it is considered such for many years. The developer of this program is ABBYY. She owns such developments as: ABBYY Lingvo, ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0. The first is a collection of dictionaries. The second program helps to work with PDF files.

ABBYY FineReader – a rescue program for writers, students, businessmen and other people. Its advantage is the quality, the presence of 190 languages, work with a wide range of images. This application saves user time and nerves.

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