System requirements Aaero:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 9600 GT / Radeon HD 5450
Hard Disk Space: 894 MB




Aaero is another project that gives a whole wave of new sensations, because despite the fact that in essence this game is a first-person shooter, in its spaces you will be able to forget what meaningless killing of opponents is because first use your mind, otherwise you just can not survive in this world. The developers have specially thought it all out so that you want to spend as much time as possible on the open spaces of this project, admiring the local beauty and solving these or other puzzles. From this, the passage becomes even more interesting and logic-based. A certain share in this project’s fate was played by the FEZ game. The fact is that this puzzle was so much liked by the developers of this project that they immediately wanted to use some of their own elements in their project, in particular, some features of level construction.

Despite the fact that the game Aaero, where you can download a torrent on our website, is a first-person shooter, it also involves logical thinking, because in most tasks you will have to act not so much with brute force as with your mind. In addition to the spectacular and vivid skirmishes, you will have to solve various clever puzzles – this makes the gameplay more interesting and rich, as there are a lot of simple shooters, and it’s not necessary to use the brain in them.
As the developers themselves admitted, in many ways they were inspired by the well-known puzzle FEZ, which they really liked. Therefore, during the development of Aaero, it was decided to use a number of the most liked elements to make the gameplay more complex and diverse, and also to introduce some originality into the concept of building levels.

But if you think that there is another puzzle before you, then it is not. In fact, much more time is spent on shootouts, and the range of weapons available to your character is impressive. Therefore, between solving the puzzles, you will need to destroy a variety of opponents that can and will appear all of a sudden when you expect them the least. So you can not relax for a second and you need to be always ready for the fact that instead of solving the next puzzle you will have to grab your weapon and shoot in all directions.

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