A Wolf in Autumn


System requirements A Wolf in Autumn

OS: Windows XP or better
Processor: Intel i3 or better
Graphics: AMD 6870 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0

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A Wolf in Autumn

Fans of psychological and surreal games will definitely like our new product. Let’s say right away that the gameplay is short, lasts about an hour, so the developer was counting on the passage in one sitting and did not provide for the possibility of saving. The game begins with the girl finding herself trapped in a barn. Having got out from there, she finds herself in a forest, a beautiful and mesmerizing forest. However, soon the environment begins to transform unnaturally, a wolf howl is heard from afar. But now it has not been published at all … In general, before deciding to download the torrent A Wolf in Autumn, you should carefully weigh your nerves.

More about the game

A Wolf in Autumn is a dark psychological thriller set in an autumn forest. The main character lost her mother and is now going through a dark period of her life. You find yourself initially in some darkened mansion, in which you hear various voices that tell you what to do and how to act in each specific situation. The entire action is also accompanied by an original soundtrack written by professional musicians. The whole world around you here is fully interactive, and the player, if possible, can interact with almost every object present here.

Features of the game

If you are into scary horror games, then you should definitely play this game. Moreover, nowadays it is not so often that you come across such an atmospheric and scary game that leaves its own impression on each of those who decide to install it. The stunning scenery of the autumn forest, the falling yellow foliage also emphasize the melancholy of what is happening around, as you can see after half an hour spent in the game. Conduct your independent investigation and sort out everything that is happening around in order to reach the stunning ending of this story.

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