A Space For The Unbound

System requirements A Space For The Unbound:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
HDD: 500 MB free space

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A Space For The Unbound

Here is a game project called A Space For The Unbound, which is a real adventure in the pixel universe. It will tell a long story about how to deal with anxiety, depression, and you have a lot to learn about the relationship between a boy and a girl. Moreover, they are not quite ordinary people and possess unique abilities. Simple-looking students of Paradise and Atma love each other. They want to go on a trip to learn more about themselves.

More about the game

But it turns out that they are releasing an ancient force that wants to kill them. Therefore, our heroes will have to travel around the city where they find themselves, learn all the secrets and save each other. In the confrontation with otherworldly forces will have to use their talents. The game features a huge number of different locations, many interesting monologues of characters and a voluminous plot. You can download A Space For The Unbound torrent on our games portal for free.

Game features

Using dialogs, you can find out the details of the storyline and find out what is really happening here. Our characters will have to go through a large number of tests, but most importantly – they must maintain their feelings and not lose their love for each other. Sometimes it will be very difficult, because maintaining love even in real life is a very difficult task.

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