A Hat in Time

System requirements A Hat in Time:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: 3.0 GHz processor
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 5 GB


A Hat in Time

Every living organism, every child of technological progress, as well as an artificially invented character, requires a certain sense of existence. For some it’s air, for someone it’s water, for someone it’s impossible to live without extraterrestrial matter. And there are characters who draw vitality thanks to the fuel that is necessary for the vehicle, because it is it that is the main game resource in the game A Hat in Time. A little girl went in search of such a rod. But not everything is so simple, because the fuel is inside the hourglass, for which it will be necessary to fight with clumsy and terrible opponents who have views of the coveted fuel. And it is the guarantee of all exciting journeys.

More about the game

Everyone understands when two boys cannot share something, well, if two girls find themselves in a similar situation – one mustached and wicked, and the second with an unusual headdress – a magic hat, that says a lot. And to all this, while traveling through the unexplored expanses of the galaxy, its ship runs out of fuel, which can be replenished on some small planet. In order to take advantage of fuel, the little heroine will have to use non-childish ingenuity to plug into the belt the main rivals of the game.

Game mechanics

The main gaming devices are a hat endowed with unusual and amazing abilities that at some point can save the main character, and also a super umbrella is one of the main weapons in finding such necessary fuel. But there is a catch !!! If you stop for a moment, you will lose fuel and be at the previous level. The game A Hat in Time is full of colorful locations and humorous characters, and you can also download it for free on our website!

In custody

In order to improve the fabulous headdress of your heroine, you need to score bonus points. They will become the main weapon in the struggle for the fuel in demand. Travel various planets, fly in space, fueling your space car with fuel, having passed many interesting levels. Have fun. This game is perfect for a children’s user audience. Go for it!


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