A Fold Apart

System requirements A Fold Apart:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5 3750 or better
Video card: GTX 660 or better
Disk space: 10 GB



A Fold Apart

The developers continue to surprise us with interesting and unusual interactive adventures. So today they are ready to acquaint us with the unusual story of A Fold Apart, which tells about two paper men in love. They cannot live without each other, but at the same time they want to build a career and solve their other problems. As a result, everyday issues separate them, forcing them to live in different worlds. But love should not be allowed to be destroyed, so the developers suggest that you pull yourself together and try to help these heroes. You have to solve various puzzles, the final result of which will be the unification of the hearts of the beloved.

More about the game

This colorful arcade game invites you to carefully study all its possibilities so that you can achieve a favorable result and enjoy every moment. This time you have to control two unique worlds at once, which differ not only in details, but also in all design. And as long as you solve the problems correctly, the worlds will mix with each other, giving the opportunity for our heroes to unite again. True, this will not always be easy, because everyday problems are sometimes extremely complex and unpredictable. Therefore, it remains for us to invite you to download A Fold Apart via torrent on your PC for free and wish you good luck.

Unique design style

The main benefit of this adventure is that you get the most out of your gaming environment. The developers have created a truly unique world that will delight you with details and interesting moments. You will watch with curiosity how the world is changing and what puzzles they offer you to solve. A colorful, dramatic and sometimes extremely happy story will not let you go until you get to the very end. And whether the hero will be with each other forever, you will find out about this only after completing the game. Just do not forget to download the torrent A Fold Apart on your PC at first so that all the space is available for careful study.

Now the story of relationships and love will showcase the best sides of the developers who, using the interactive world, were able to convey all the experiences and important lessons of life. Try to achieve a good result, help the main characters and try to get to the very end. You will definitely succeed!

Game features

Over 50 paper puzzles are waiting for you.
Life story with an abundance of endings.
The ability to choose a unique couple and their interests.
Original style of graphic design.

On this page you can download the game A Fold Apart torrent free on a PC.



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