3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor

Characteristics 3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
File size: 44.87 Mb
English language


3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor

3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor – an advanced tag editor that allows you to change the metadata of various media files: MP4, M4B, ALAC, M4A in a few clicks. It has useful features and a nice interface. In addition to the fact that the application performs basic functions for editing data of audio and video materials, it is still able to search and download covers and files according to specified criteria: name, artist, size, release date, genre, etc.

More about the program

The player built into the program allows you to play files directly in the software. In the editor, it is enough to simply find the video or audio files of interest to you in various quantities. To do this, you need to specify in the search engine the selection criteria by which the selection will be made. Suppose you want to clean up your music archive. Manually this process can take a lot of time and effort, and with 3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor you will spend seconds or minutes on it. The main thing is to indicate by what parameters you want to sort the contents of your multimedia library (archive): for example, the format of the desired files, creation date, name or other identifying information.

Utility Features

You can change the contents of tags for several files at once, applying the changes in batches. In addition to the names of albums, composers, copyright and other information about a particular audio or video file, you can change the picture for albums by downloading it from external sources or from the hard drive of your PC. Tag data can be saved as separate files and used at any convenient time. Basic functions of 3delite MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor: – Correction or replacement of data in tags for MP4, M4B, ALAC, M4A file formats. – Ability to import covers. Built-in file search engine on the computer. – Export tag data. – Unicode support.

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