System requirements 30XX

OS: Windows Vista or Later
Processor: Toaster processor or better (2009+)
Video Card: Most cards that can produce Graphics ™
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 2000 MB
Sound Card: Sound recommended.
Gamepad Support: Full



A game project called 30XX is made in the genre of action-platforming, where you have to navigate 2D locations, engage in fights with opponents, go through levels with friends. After a millennium of sleep, our character saw instead of a beautiful and prosperous world, only destruction and chaos. Everything around is now subject to artificial intelligence, and people no longer have the desire to study space. Therefore, you will have to fight for the return of your world.

More about the game

Take a trip to very colorful places where you have to fight with your opponents and complete various missions. Take control of characters with a unique battle style, skills and weapons. The main protagonist also has a rather impressive list of abilities with which you can win battles. In the 30XX game you can do double jumps, increase damage or change the mode of shooting weapons. You can also purchase new weapons models by completing different quests, and move further along the storyline. Along the way, you will meet opponents with unique abilities.

Game features

Eliminate enemies with super-strike and combinations, as well as use the location and throw the enemy off the edge of the abyss. You can download torrent 30XX on our Internet portal for free. Learn new and upgraded levels as soon as you restart the game. Each time you will come across something completely new. You will also get the opportunity to collect bonuses on the cards, when you pass them, try not to fall into traps and overcome all obstacles. In addition to enemies in the flesh, you also have to dodge the fire realms.

Game advantages:

unique design of location and special effects;
over 30 levels;
battle with hundreds of opponents;
the use of weapons with different types of shooting, the ability to do combos and select items to improve abilities;
multiplayer mode, where you can choose your opponent as another player, or artificial intelligence;
difficulty levels can be adjusted during the game.

On this page you can download the game 30XX via torrent for free on PC.



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