30 Days to Survive


System requirements 30 Days to Survive

OS: Windows XP and newer.
Processor: Athlon 2 X3 450.
RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Video card: GeForce EN9600 GT.
Disk space: 550 MB.


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30 Days to Survive

If you are missing interesting adventures, we suggest you download the torrent 30 Days to Survive immediately. This game project offers to go on an exciting adventure, which promises to be quite interesting and unpredictable, the main thing is to try to realize the available potential and the ability to defend against the invasion of zombies.

More about the game

Now you will have access to a small house for use, which will be generated in a completely random way. Therefore, each time you have to personally adjust to the situation and try to achieve victory. True, at first you still have to download the game. We wish you a pleasant pastime!

Game features

You will definitely not get bored with this game, well, or at least it will not happen as quickly as it often happens. Here you will not have time to sit still, you constantly need to go or run somewhere. The second option is the most suitable. You have a shelter where you can safely sit out for a period of time, but you still need to come to the surface regularly. But whether you can always keep the number of exits and returns in balance is a big question.

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