3 Minutes to Midnight


System requirements 3 Minutes to Midnight

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7.
Processor: 2.5 GHz (Single Core)
Video card: OpenGL 2.0 Compatible 512 MB RAM.
Disk space: 6 GB.
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.

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3 Minutes to Midnight

It’s an amazing playable adventure that will test your willingness to be proactive and successful. If you like a variety of puzzles, long game adventures and unexpected plot twists, then you will surely enjoy this game project. It remains only to download the torrent 3 Minutes to Midnight and you can start acting. But do not relax, a rather long and difficult adventure awaits you. You will have to carefully study all the available options for the development of events and try to effectively use all functions, information and personal abilities. The main thing is to try to achieve a favorable outcome and avoid mistakes.

More about the game

The story of the game tells about the girl Betty Anderson, who witnessed some rather strange events. The fact is that it was on this day that people continued to rejoice that the Second World War had ended. No one noticed the strange events and everyone was just happy about the end of the terrible events. True, she didn’t have to rejoice for a long time, since after the celebration Betty woke up from the fact that her house was simply shaking from an incomprehensible force and in just a few seconds she completely lost her memory. Judging by all subsequent events, she was far from the only one. And now, in order to prevent a terrible disaster, she will have to carefully study the situation, try to find a way to restore her memory and achieve a good result, while simultaneously saving the victims of a terrible global weapon.


If you are ready to help our young heroine, do not waste time and just download 3 Minutes to Midnight torrent for free. An unforgettable adventure awaits you, the opportunity to carefully explore the spacious world and gradually achieve a good result. The main thing is not to lose hope for the best and gradually achieve a favorable outcome. The plot twists will show that the war was not over yet, that terrible personalities remained in the world and that against the background of the war a dangerous evil was reviving, which did not attract attention and gradually increased its power.

Game features

Do not hope that the outcome of this story can be positive. The fact is that now you have to go to a rather unusual virtual universe, which will require maximum dedication and understanding of the matter. Now the fate of many nations will completely depend on your desire for victory and gradually striving for success. We are confident that you will succeed in achieving a positive ending. Good luck!

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