1993 Space Machine


System requirements 1993 Space Machine

Operating system: Windows Vista
Processor: Pentium Dual Core 2 GHz
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0
Hard disk: 200 MB

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1993 Space Machine

“1993 Space Machine” is a remake of the same name, and therefore the plot is unchanged. Colonel Nestor decided to take advantage of the chaos after the devastating war in the comic sector in order to find and take control of a development for terraforming land. Thanks to this device, he revives the climate on a distant celestial body. Then he populates it with his people and mutants and develops a colony, and now this whole armada is moving towards you in order to enslave the Earth and destroy humanity. It will have to be stopped on the approaches to our Motherland, not far from the orbit.

More about the game

With the help of massive fire support, you need to push him out of the asteroid belt, and you will have to difficult, because endlessly fighting with such a large army is really difficult. But when you reach the end of the level, you can count the points of your victory in order to once again embark on the next flight against your opponent. He created different spaceships that have powerful cannons, and the problem is that all modes of transport are attacking at the same time. Nestor went mad after the global war, and he will have to be killed, otherwise he and his army will cause a lot of harm to other worlds.

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