12 minutes

System requirements 12 minutes

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse


12 minutes

For those who prefer solving puzzles and completing quests, we recommend that you pay attention to the 12 minutes game, the torrent of which you can download on our website. This game is a puzzle like “point-and-click.” In it, you will be transported to a small apartment in which your character is frozen in a temporary loop. And the problem is that only the interval of 12 minutes is repeated in this loop.

More about the game

The main character of the 12 minutes game, a guy named Aaron, is earlier home to prepare a romantic gift for his wife – a candlelight dinner for two. Now she is already returning home and a real family idyll awaits them. But all the magic of the moment is destroyed by a knock on the door. There is a policeman who charges Aaron’s wife with murder and arrests the spouses. However, immediately after the arrest, our hero finds himself back in the past, and all events are repeated again and again. Once again reliving all the events, Aaron does not know what to do before the arrival of the policeman. He understands that he must change something in order to break this loop. You must understand what is happening.

Game process

So, everything happens in a small apartment. There are only a couple of rooms, plus a bathroom and dressing room. As you can see there is little space, there is nowhere to hide, but there are objects in the environment that can influence the further course of events. You must determine what contributed to the appearance of the 12 minutes time loop.

Story line

Among the options you can find a knife and attack the detective, thus preventing arrest. However, you will not need the death of a policeman, because you can tell your wife everything and see how she will react. There are really many options for the further development of the plot of 12 minutes and they all add up to a certain chain. However, as a result, you will not always get what you want. This is the whole complexity of the game, you need to find the right chain, which will lead you to a positive result.

Search your apartment, find the necessary items and try to find out the reason for the appearance of the temporary loop. But most importantly, you must prevent the arrest of your spouse. So calm down and take action.

If you can’t wait to unravel this strange story, you just need to download the torrent 12 minutes from our website. Think carefully, look at everything and try to find the truth, because your wife may not be to blame for anything.

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