112 Operator

System requirements 112 Operator

OS: Windows 7 SP1 + / 8/10
CPU: 2 Ghz
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 1 GB

112 Operator

You have to control all emergency services in each of the cities of our huge planet. Your task will be to answer calls and send those or other rescue services to the scene. Especially difficult cases will sometimes come across when the weather, terrain, or the movement of cars on the highway can become an obstacle. In your submission is a service that helps people after natural disasters and natural disasters. Get the title of Best Emergency Operator. And if you want to try your hand now, go to our website to download the 112 Operator torrent there.

More about the game

In 112 Operator, you will have to react to the slightest change. After all, emergency situations can be caused by any reason: weather, traffic, etc. In addition, your services help to survive the escalation of unrest, actions organized by criminal groups and even real terrorist attacks. This is not to mention natural and man-made disasters.

Even more danger

The danger level is growing, help is needed more and more. Since this is a continuation of the 911 operator (you have already passed this level and now you have a new role before you). You will have to act very quickly at different levels. You will manage the situation both in one district of the city and coordinate the work of several operators of a huge metropolis. The game is made in three-dimensional format, which allows you to enjoy the most realistic image. You can choose a district, city or municipality at will from anywhere in the world.

Also in the game 112 Operator you have to deal with the consequences of natural disasters. Keep track of weather forecasts to be as prepared as possible for any turn of events. After all, a cataclysm can come unexpectedly. Do your best to prevent natural disasters. Also, avoid the likelihood of forest fires occurring or eliminate them as quickly as possible, preventing spreading. But weather and nature will not be your only problems. The world is still full of terrorists and bandits.

Since you are an operator, you should always be in touch, because calls will come from people who need emergency help. You don’t know the person on the other side of the phone, you don’t know what story he will tell you. It really can be anything: from a banal and a little annoying joke to the stories of the murders committed. That is the job.

Choose one of the cities of Europe for yourself, this will be a kind of career advancement. There you can rise to a new level in your career. Follow all the instructions of the leadership, observe how you can influence people who turn to you for help with your actions. Try not to make mistakes, because their price can be very high and affect your life. And this increases the possibility of getting a reprimand for the service.

You can play in any city in the world wherever you wish, and you are also given the opportunity to set your own rules. Take yourself under the guidance of only professionals in your field, use the best equipment and technical equipment. Upon arrival at the scene, you will be the one who coordinates and commands the team. This will allow you to have complete information about what happened.

Game features

– Ability to access advanced maps of real cities in three-dimensional format.
– A new set for calling emergency services.
– A fully formed operating mode of the company with its own hierarchy and means of communication.
– Even the most insignificant indicators and phenomena will influence your activity.
– The game process may change in accordance with the established rules and laws of a particular state, as well as due to the characteristics of the area in which the incident occurred.
– Thanks to the new visualization, you can see the situation clearly and accurately.
– Your team will have a considerable replenishment of specialists in various fields who can help in emergency situations.
“The new equipment is now real mechanisms.”

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