Keys for Windows

All relevant Keys for Windows activation and installation of the Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 operating system are posted on our site. Of course, it is much easier to skip activation during installation. And then use the activator, but sometimes keys are needed.

Surely, if you were looking for a key on Windows, then you met a bunch of them on sites, and then sorted through a lot of serial numbers and as a result, none of them came up. It’s time to simplify the process and roll out a selection of relevant and working keys

What is a Windows key for?

The key is a special code that activates the license of your copy of the operating system. Without activation, some of the system’s functions will be unavailable, plus notifications about the need to purchase a license will be annoying. Such a key usually goes on the disk with the OS, on the body of the system unit or on the back cover of the laptop. But this is taking into account if you purchased computer equipment in a store and paid extra for Windows.

Also, the key can be purchased separately in the online store or the usual one that sells them. Below is a complete set of tested and working keys. We note immediately that the use of such a key does not guarantee you activation forever.

Anyone who wants to activate Windows, we suggest using the free Keys for Windows. See the list of current keys for different editions below.

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