Zombie games

Today, there is an interesting trend in the virtual industry. There is no such studio of developers that would not create a game about zombies, and to download Zombie games, you do not need to spend in meaningless searches, because the best of them are collected on our game portal, but more on that later. Zombie apocalypse scenarios, despite the fact that they are terribly stereotyped and bored by all people, nevertheless, are one of the most popular in the world of the film industry, games and other areas where masses of creative people are involved.

More about the genre

So, the zombie apocalypse follows a typical scenario – for some unknown reason, the “bacillus” created by secret scientists breaks out, kills everyone in the laboratory, where it is created, and those who were alive before became dead, but did not “rest in peace ”, and wander about torn to pieces and torn to shreds, but in eternal hunger. So, in principle, everything also develops in zombie games. Only parts of this puzzle change.

Features of the genre

What you have to learn is that your home is no longer a safe place. No matter how you equip it, zombies will still sneak in and eat your brain. And besides, large cities for surviving people are worse than a bitter radish, for megacities for zombies are something like fast food and in unlimited quantities. You can get more recommendations from Zombie games, which are also available on our internet portal.

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