Strategy Games

One of the most popular and colorful game genres is such an ever-evolving game direction like Strategy Games. A key part of the successful completion of strategies is a carefully thought-out tactics of the game and competent management of the army, the variety and constant updating of the components of which never ceases to amaze, which only fuels interest in the genre. These two components will help the player crush the enemy troops and get out of the game as a winner.

More about the genre

In games of this genre, there is not only bloodshed and cold calculation, the economic part is also important here, because to maintain an army and constantly pumping your own location, you will need to collect resources, food, as well as strengthen the army through its constant quantitative growth and increase the level of units.

Features of the genre

Several categories of Strategy Games are divided into turn-based strategies (Heroes of might and magic), indirect control strategies (Dungeon Keeper), real-time strategies (Warcraft), as well as economic and city-planning simulators in which you have to demonstrate yourself as a responsible city governor developing their state (Black and White, Tropico and Caesar).

Those who played strategy (and this is almost every person who has a computer) will confirm that in these games it is not the goal of the game itself that brings pleasure – its successful overcoming (except for the last category, in which there is no end to the game), but the game itself. a process full of battles, cunning moves, conquering locations, expanding the army, as well as the total crushing of all living things, which prevents the player from leading the army to victory.

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