Simulation Games

Simulation Games is a fairly extensive game genre, variations of which will appeal to absolutely everyone. If we give a definition to this game genre, then we can say that simulators are an imitation of certain actions, be it driving a car, an airplane, a tank, a spaceship, a city or even life. Each control object from the above corresponds to a certain category of the game genre – these are car simulators (Need for Speed), tank simulators (yes, this is World Of Tanks), flight simulators (War Thunder) and life simulators (Sims, Tropico).

More about the genre

If you understand each category separately, then their description is already included in the name itself. Thanks to modern games of the presented genre, players will have to feel like pilots, tankers, racers, controlling the lives of people.

Features of the genre

As for the graphics of Simulation Games, in this direction it has already reached such a level that the player involuntarily finds himself on the field of action, and the ability to play online in the vast majority of simulators will provide the player with the opportunity to play not with a car, but with real people. As you understand, the range of games is so diverse that they will appeal to fans of chase and speed, and fans of action, as well as those who like to spend time calmly playing the game process, building the city of their dreams.

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