RPG Games

RPG Games is a genre of computer games based on the principles of classic board games. The gameplay is designed to control one or a group of characters, each of which has a certain set of characteristics and skills that distinguish the character from the total. The characteristics of the character include agility, strength, stealth, hits, and more. All these characteristics are displayed numerically, indicating that the character has priority.

More about the genre

Throughout the gameplay, the player is given the opportunity to pump characters, enhancing their skills, making them stronger, dexterous, etc. Also on the way of the characters there are various tasks, which are simply impossible to pass with the original characteristics, so you need to constantly develop your characters, endowing them with special skills.

Features of the genre

At the moment, there are many RPG Games not only offline, but also online, so there is the possibility of games with real players. Often in online games there is the possibility not only of battles among themselves, but also the possibility of completing missions, creating a coalition, in general – full interaction.

Games of this genre will appeal to both lovers of board games and people who did not even deal with board games, but who are not averse to brainwashing, while removing unwanted ones, pumping their characters.

Striking representatives of the RPG genre are “Fallout”, “Diablo”.

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