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There are so many Games for kids now that you don’t even know what to grab onto. Most of them, especially when it comes to mobile projects, are mindless time killers that, at best, will distract the child for a few hours, and at worst, they will also write off your money from your card if you have not blocked in-game transactions in time. And any titles that are more difficult for parents also have to carefully check for the presence of blood, a dubious plot, adult words and other unpleasant things.

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By reviewing the games in this category, you will definitely find the right game for yourself and your child. Our Games for kids PC list combines the best and most memorable PC games. It is also worth paying attention to our useful articles, we have selected only the best games by genre.

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This page of the portal contains an extensive list of PC games for children. Each PC game from this catalog has been carefully selected by us, and we are sure that all the games collected here are worth your attention!

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