Fighting Games

One of the most popular game genres is “Fighting games”, or in common people “Fights”. The meaning of the game genre is to defeat your opponent, represented either by a computer, or by an online player, or by a person sitting in the same room with you, because games of this genre are presented in a large number of multiplayer mode.

More about the genre

“Fighting games” originate from games like “Warrior” back in 1979. The game did not make much of a furore and this genre remained without much attention right up to 1991, when such a game in the genre of “Fighting” as “Street Fighter” was released. The game included almost all the techniques and principles presented in the modern gaming industry in this genre. From that moment on, the fighting game flourished as a separate game direction, and the piggy bank of games began to replenish at a rapid pace.

Features of the genre

Since the release of the first games, the graphics, characters and plot (and in fights it occurs) have changed markedly, but the essence of all games does not change: you must emerge victorious from the battle.

Now, not only boxers are measured by their own strength, now this branch of the gaming industry has dispersed so much that in a fight there is an opportunity to see the heroes of your favorite films, cartoons and even media personalities.

Games do not have a main target audience and cover more than one generation of gambling addicts, from children to those players who played Warrior after work.

The brightest representatives of the “Fighting” genre are such games as “Mortal Kombat”, “Tekken”, “Injustice”, which are played not only on an amateur level, but also on a professional level, organizing competitions and tournaments.

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