VR games

Virtual reality helmets have become quite affordable for true fans of computer entertainment, but you also need to find good VR games. Our catalog contains the best games for a personal computer with support for full immersion technology using a virtual reality helmet, and you can always download them for free through any torrent client at high speed.

More about the genre

The catalog contains VR games of different genres, from mind-blowing races, shooters and adventures, to calm and relaxing game programs that make it possible to simply walk through mesmerizing nonexistent fantasy worlds. With this catalog, your modern immersive gaming gadget is unlikely to be gathering dust on the shelf.

Features of the genre

Each game program for a personal computer is provided with a detailed description, which indicates the features of this assembly, videos and screenshots, as well as the minimum requirements for the hardware of your PC. Please note that most VR games are designed to work with a fairly powerful and modern computer with a good graphics card.

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