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How to download games and programs from Freedownloadskey


Hello, our dear user. Do you want to download a game or program from our site and something won’t work for you? Do not worry, here we will tell you How to download games and programs via torrent from our site correctly. On our site, you can download many games via torrent. Our site is designed so that you can easily download any game or utility to your PC or laptop. But, despite the simplicity of the interface, many inexperienced users cannot download a torrent file to their PC, and therefore we will tell you in detail how to do this in this article.

A little about the site

Games have been an integral part of our lives for a very long time. But the world is progressing and today we strive to achieve real life experience through virtual reality instead of experiencing reality. Online games not only stimulate mental activity, but are also highly addictive – now not all of us want to pay for games, so we will tell you How to get access to download, for free via torrent from

Freedownloadskey – download as much as you like – this is a 100% modern solution for demanding gamers. Although there are still many places on the Web that allow you to download games for free by torrenting, order reigns here. We are against cluttering the site with unnecessary files, against things that are clearly unworthy of interest in connection with any game mechanics, graphics, plot. We treat games like works of art, we believe that all gamers deserve to have access to the best, and we make it possible. Only true classics and the best novelties are presented on our site. And if you don’t know ¬†games and programs, we will tell you everything.

What should be done?

Attention! Before downloading, we recommend disabling your antivirus software, Firewall, VPN and ad blocker.

Like many other trackers on our site, there are licensed and cracked games. Antivirus programs identify them as viruses, although they are not and cannot do any harm to your computer. Moreover, all files on our website are scanned for viruses using an antivirus program. Also, to support the project, we cooperate with partner programs for the distribution of software. Therefore, by clicking the “Download torrent” button, you will have a downloader through which you can easily install useful software, and you can also download the torrent file you like. You can also refuse to install the software and download the torrent file separately. This bootloader is also identified by some antivirus programs as a virus, although this is not so and it does not cause any harm to your computer. But more on that later.

Step 1.

Having chosen the game or program you like, click on the “Download torrent” button under the brief description of the game or programs.


Step 2.

A file with the .exe extension will be downloaded to your computer, this is the downloader, with which you can download the torrent file. Run it as administrator by right-clicking and pressing the “Yes” button in the program launch confirmation window. The following window will open in front of you.

Download Step 2

Download Step 3


Step 3.

Run the downloaded torrent using a torrent client, for example uTorrent (if you don’t have one, you can download it from our website). If the torrent client is already installed on your computer, then simply double-click the torrent file and it will automatically start in the torrent client.

That’s how easy you can download games and programs via torrent from our site. Download and enjoy!