The best tank games on PC

The best tank games on PCChoosing the best tank games

A ride in a gigantic car that weighs like a dozen elephants and can easily level an entire building with the ground will never become obsolete. But it’s not so easy to find a decent game that will make you feel like a real tanker. If you are looking for free the best tank games or massive AAA simulations of tank divisions, then you have come to the address. It would seem that tanks are huge pieces of metal that can easily destroy everything in their path. But control of the tank also implies intense skirmishes and claustrophobia. Recharging in agony, the turtle pace of the machine, and the fact that you are the enemy’s priority goal make the game of Tanks as nervous as inspiring. This genre has been known since the days of Apple II, so today we have plenty to choose from. From hyper-realistic simulations to popular arcades, we present the best tank games for PC.

Panzer Elite Action: Gold EditionPanzer Elite Action: Gold Edition

The first on our list of the best tank games is the incredibly interesting Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition. This game – combining two classic Panzer pieces into one Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition – is a long hours of driving tanks across the battlefields of World War II. Incredibly user-friendly, but with interesting mechanics. Panzer Elite Action is a tank game in which you must try to survive in the famous historical campaign in order to continue the battle the next day.

You can play on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition or, conversely, the “axis” in various known conflicts, having control over four to five tanks. Although the game lacks the realism of the original Panzer Elite, the need to take care of its crew and upgrade equipment makes it irresistible from start to finish.


Battlefield 4Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is next in our list of the best tank games. Careful positioning is the key to survival in most tank games. But this is not about Battlefield 4. Tanks here like to move very fast, exploding helicopters right in the sky and forcing little ground men to run away and hide behind buildings.

Dealing incalculable damage and destroying the carefully thought-out plans of your fellow soldiers for Battlefield 4 is in the order of things. This is the tank gameplay in its most powerful manifestation, allowing players to become death on the tracks and get rid of the appearance of tactics or strategy while they are worn on the map. If you prefer to be an old-school tanker, you can transfer to Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 5. The Panzers, Churchill and Sturmtigers are waiting!


Heroes & GeneralsHeroes & Generals

Forget about the strategic game that accompanies the exciting ground battles of Heroes & Generals, and you get a hectic military action in which tanks play a vital role. But with it we have a complete package that includes everything from resource management to explosive combat in the first person.

Heroes & Generals has several tank control functions that you need to constantly pay attention to, which means that the focus is exclusively on destruction. The presence of combined forces in the game gives your role as a tank commander some genuine power on the battlefield, where your actions can make a difference to your teammates, both on the ground and in the air.

If the military equipment of the times of the Second World War is of interest to you, then Heroes & General is one of the best free games that suits you. This game takes its rightful place on our list of the best tank games.


Arma 3 Apex EditionArma 3 Apex Edition

An open world that makes you feel its staggering scope. The days of disturbing melee clashes in bombed cities are a thing of the past. In Arma 3, players have a new source of concern in the form of the need to constantly scan horizons in search of new threats. Buildings and natural shelters are rare here, which means that survival and even victory depend on the ability to recognize and destroy the enemy before he even sees your presence.

Although this is not exactly a tank game, it has an incredible level of realism. It comes to the point of absurdity: some news agencies mistakenly exposed the footage of this game as a real military chronicle. Managing an armored vehicle is what Arma 3 Apex Edition does best: facilitating ground operations, tracking down enemy tanks and wreaking havoc on fortifications. In addition, being outside of heavy armor, you find yourself in one of the best sniper games in the world. This game deserves to be in the top of the best tank games.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of StalingradRed Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Next on the list of the best tank games is the very popular game Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Tanks are not the center of this realistic shooter, but the way they fit easily into its crazy gameplay provides it with a place on this list.

Red Orchestra 2 uses the mechanics of ballistics and penetration of armor, similar to the one that was in War Thunder, as a result, every meeting between two tanks is a duel with a surging adrenaline in which knowledge and accuracy triumph over brute force. When a military shooter is clearly combined with elements of tactics and strategy, then we can say that the game rightfully turned out to be worthy for gamers, and they will be able to fully appreciate the process of this large-scale game project.

Already by the name of the game itself it is clear that you will see large military locations from the time of World War II, when the legendary battle for the Soviet city, which held the defense until the very end, took place. The constant threat of instant death at the hands of enemy anti-tank troops is just one of the elements that make it one of the best multiplayer PC games.

Steel Armor: Blaze of WarSteel Armor: Blaze of War

We continue our list of the Top the best tank games. What could be more fun than shooting a gun and driving straight through buildings? Carefully controlling the crew and the insides of a powerful machine, you forget that you are actually in the tank, and instead feel like a factory worker. Steel Armor: Blaze of War brings players to the battlefields of the Iranian-Iraqi conflicts of the 1980s, little-known in our country.

Amateur tankers will be delighted with close attention to detail – there are only two tanks in the game, but both are drawn with stunning detail, both inside and out. The passionate attitude of the creators of Steel Armor to military equipment makes it obligatory for “tankers” veterans and fans of war games who want a more modern environment. Lead the legendary T-62 or the American Patton M60A1 into battle. Defeat the enemy in the territory of Angola, Iran and Afghanistan.

Solve tactical tasks – reconnaissance in battle, seizure of settlements, mobile defense, support for attacking infantry, ambush actions and a breakthrough from the encirclement.

Valkyria Chronicles 4Valkyria Chronicles 4

Tanks fuel a sense of power. You in your metal armor break through the battlefields, destroying the buildings that come across on the way. However, not every game will allow you to get out of the water dry. Valkyria Chronicles 4, for example, makes you feel unprotected, creating a seductive mixture of strength and strategy.

A tactical RPG puts you on the cloak of an army officer who is tasked with leading his unit through the grim reality of war. During a turn-based battle, one of the units that you can call up is a tank. Be smart and you will smash the enemies to smithereens with a cunning flanking maneuver; one wrong step – and your tank will be stopped by the Lancer.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is inspired by the political climate of Europe until World War I. Visually, however, it is closer to the anime game, which gives it a certain charm compared to other tank games, this game occupies a worthy place the best tank games.

War ThunderWar Thunder

Next on the list of free the best tank games is War Thunder. With her obsessive attention to detail, preferable for hardcore tactics and brilliant statisticians. Unlike the competing World of Tanks, it does not claim to be easy to learn. You can waste a lot of time just for the wrong actions. In addition, War Thunder boasts sophisticated mechanics of breaking through armor, which also requires careful consideration.

Although the War Thunder arcade mode is good enough to familiarize gamers with some of the basic mechanics of the game, you cannot consider yourself a true War Thunder veteran until you emerge victorious from the battle simulator. Try to win with a reduced review, disabled markers and sharply increased time required to complete any action. Each meeting with an adversary in this mode is a real tactical nightmare.

If you’re just about to discover tank battles, be sure to check out our War Thunder Tips and Best Rank 1 Tank Guide. In War Thunder, you can also control aircraft and ships.

Armored WarfareArmored Warfare

Both Armored Warfare and World of Tanks can be described using three concepts: (MMO), (free-to-play) and (tanks). However, these games have a number of key differences among themselves, and therefore each of them is worth the time of tank lovers. With surprisingly affordable gameplay like in World of Tanks (but in a more modern surroundings), in Armored Warfare, tankers will find better equipment, new tanks and a wide selection of diverse technologies that significantly expand the capabilities of the main gameplay.

In addition, Armored Warfare has a PvE mode that allows you to team up with friends to fight the enemy AI. For Armored Warfare, updates are regularly released to improve and expand the game, and new tanks are also added to them. You will never run out of weapons. She also enters the best tank games for PC.


Company of Heroes 2Company of Heroes 2

Transferring the strategic gameplay of the first part to the situation of the Eastern Front, the developers made a game in which everything is decided using the real battle tactics. With crushing power and capable of turning the tide of any battle, the tanks in Company of Heroes 2 joyfully increase losses among enemy infantry units. As in many other tank games, Company of Heroes 2 takes into account the vulnerability of the tank, so players who relate to their armored vehicles without due care are not involved.

The continuation of an exciting, dynamic game created in the genre of real-time strategy with a historical setting on the theme of World War II with the “raid” of the Great Patriotic War. It is important to note that the developers from the Canadian studio Relic took over all the rights of the creators. Therefore, if you liked the first part with its endless battles, tactical potential, and dynamic battles, then you are likely to love the sequel to Company of Heroes 2.

Panzer Corps 2Panzer Corps 2

We continue our list of the Top the best tank games. The following is the Panzer Corps 2 game, an old-school turn-based strategy game in its absolute perfection. Once in the place of the Wehrmacht General, you must control operations in 26 grueling “axis” campaigns. You are fighting for the bad guys here, but you must bring your units to victory.

The game features more than 800 types of units distributed between 20 classes, so that there is an infinite number of attack options for both sides. But this is not all – each unit has approximately 20 parameters by which its strengths and weaknesses are evaluated. Math fighters will be delighted, and the game itself can be called one of the best strategies.


World of TanksWorld of Tanks

And completing our list of the best tank games, the most popular game in the world, this titan of F2P games has fast and crazy gameplay with the addition of a small number of realistic elements. WoT is a great tank game for World of Tanks gamers.

Perhaps the best that is in World of Tanks is more than 250 armored vehicles, from light tanks to giants of the front. The game features tanks developed by France, Great Britain, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States and China, and players have the opportunity to modify their equipment with the help of various modifications.

In 2018, after many years of beta testing, World of Tanks 1.0 was finally launched and at the moment it is the most popular tank game in the world. Tank battles, steel giants, wonderful tactical operations during the Second World War. Meet the global multiplayer diverse game that is already played by millions of users from around the world. The game is a real-time strategy, where you will receive both virtual and real cash rewards.

Therefore, study all your tanks, choose the model you need, and start fighting on the battlefields with users from around the world. You can pump your tank, gradually earning game points. A fairly unique game project where you can destroy your opponents using tactics and strategy. These two components are the key to success in this game. And you can download World of Tanks via torrent on our free server.

End, Commander: Your training is complete. Now you know all the best tank games that can be found on your PC, and are ready to start your own campaign to destroy the enemy. If you want to show off a little outside the tank, you might also be interested in material about the best games on the theme of World War II.


Games about tanks gained popularity thanks to the world famous brainchild of Wargaming and Gaijin Entertainment and are not going to lose it in the near future. The main reason for this is a leisurely and tactical gameplay that is different from most online session projects. That is why they are in demand among gamers of all ages – from elementary school students to men of decent age.

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We wish you good luck and a good game!