Best Batman games of all time

Best Batman games of all timeMost popular Best Batman games

Batman is one of the most popular characters in the DC Comics universe, and it is not surprising that many games have come out about him. The story of the Dark Knight in video games began in 1986 with the game of the same name. She was not very memorable, but since then, for 30 years, games with Batman in the title have been released for different platforms. The hero remained a popular character in video games, whether they were original projects licensed or adapted to film or television series. In this article, we recall Best Batman games for PC.

The greatest detective, one of the most famous superheroes, billionaire and philanthropist during the day and the thunderstorm of crime at night – Batman has been pleased with his adventures of comic book fans since 1939. During this time, the character received not only a lot of ingenious comic arches, but also several successful TV shows and films, as well as good games, unlike the same Superman. We will talk about the latter in this article.

Best Batman games of all timeLEGO Batman

We give first place to our beloved unchanging Lego series, which deserves to be in the top of Best Batman games. For so many years, Lego has been pleasing us with fun arcades on a wide variety of topics – from The Lord of the Rings to Star Wars and of course to Batman. And Lego-Batman already includes as many as three games, the last of which, the third part was released recently.

LEGO Batman 1 The Videogame is a fascinating adventure arcade, enjoy the dynamic gameplay, it was borrowed from the previous parts of the series. It has a very solid performance and is recognized by an army of fans. As always, great graphics and sound, and most importantly the atmosphere for which everyone loves LEGO games. Lovers of comics and bright plastic cubes can rejoice the franchise continues to expand and delight with quality material.

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes will present a meeting with the famous comic book heroes. The most popular DC characters team up to confront Lex Luther and the Joker. These famous villains started another insidious plan to harm the inhabitants of Gotem. Batman and Robin come to the aid of the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and others. It’s funny to see the heroes in the form of plastic men from the designer, but the world created from the cubes looks very organic.

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham again return to the city, which is guarded by a brave hero in a black cloak. The gameplay is similar to other games in the series. You can visit a variety of locations, including the famous Batcave, Lunar Base, Planet of the Lanterns, and many others. The setting and characters in the designer style look funny. As always in the series, wonderful humor, and a fresh story.

Best Batman games of all timeBatman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Let’s move on to more modern things and in the second place Best Batman games was Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – initially this platformer was made for 3ds and PS Vita, that is, for portable consoles, well, already in 2014 it was released on a PC. The ratings for this game were mostly restrained or even negative, but personally we really liked it.

There are a number of reasons for this – firstly, the combat system from the Arkham series games is perfectly transferred here, Batman fights just as cool – attacks, counterattacks, all his signature tricks – everything is here, everything is in place. Secondly, Batman makes excellent use of all his gadgets and he does all this in two-dimensional space – these are betarangs, scanners, decryptors, etc., that is, everything is like in big games.

Here the stealth is, in general, this is the real Batman from the Arkham series, which was transferred to two-dimensional space and thereby received the perfect bitemap about Batman. That is almost an old-school game, but in a new wrapper. Yes, maybe Blackgate Prison is not the most interesting place, maybe locations are really boring in places, but since this is so important?

The game gives a feeling of the very old platformers of the past, about which we spoke above, and it plays just fine, in one go. This game deserves to be in the top of Best Batman games of all time.

Best Batman games of all time 4Arkham Series

Arkham Series ends on the list of Best Batman games. Of course, the best games about Batman, you all know them perfectly. But after all, what’s the matter – before they appeared, there was a feeling that Batman would forever remain fakes, below average, made based on motives just to raise money – well, the Batman begin game was coming out – maybe someone don’t even knows the game based on the first film from Nolan.

It was a very average and below average game, and when many saw the games from Rocksteady Studios, they simply did not believe that it was Batman. Indeed, this studio took and made a masterpiece that deserves a place in the Top Best Batman games, and the studio is unknown, except for Batman, it really didn’t release anything, and now, please, they could – at first there was a gorgeous game “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, which introduced in the series, then even more chic and interesting game Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart, where there were a lot of innovations, there was an open world, and Batman again became a horse, he became a cool hero of video games. Also a very interesting part of Batman Arkham Knight which deserves to be on the list of Best Batman games.

Also, you can’t ignore the game of the series – Batman: Arkham Origins. Let this project be a little weaker, let it have no chips and innovations, although let’s say the detective mode is very good, and this is just the same Batman, but it was developed by another studio, but it’s still a good game in the series. Here you can run around in the winter and find out the background of the series, because this is a prequel, and in general is a completely good project.

In our list of the best Best Batman games, only one project deserves a place at the very top. And the name of this game is Batman: Arkham City. Since this was a continuation of the acclaimed Arkham Asylum, the expectations of the fans were extremely high. And they were completely justified! Players could now explore the whole city with criminals and choose where to go. The game not only met expectations – it surpassed them many times.


The list of improvements includes even more gadgets for Betman, more interesting puzzles, as well as real investigations in the “detective vision” mode. The genre became more thoughtful, the combat system became even more cinematic, and the plot was truly gloomy and adult.

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