The best dinosaur games on PC for all time

The best dinosaur games on PC for all timeHow to choose the best dinosaur games on PC?

Looking for the best dinosaur games on PC? It doesn’t matter at all whether you want to hunt Mesozoic monsters or loudly trample the earth and devour people. Dinosaurs always attract us with something to their primitive world. And the number of games that successfully realize our bold fantasies is growing infinitely. However, let’s be honest: until recently, fans of dinosaurs and large guns really had nowhere to roam, even on a PC.

Such games have come a long and hard way, marked by Velociraptors, more reminiscent of lame dogs, guns, which would be more efficient than just throwing bullets with your hands, and jeeps that seemed to roll directly into the nearest ditch, regardless of the keys we pressed, on a magnetic track.

Nevertheless, it’s great sometimes to shoot a tyrannosaurus in the face with a grenade launcher, which agrees with most of the gaming community. Despite the fact that few developers have pleased us with high-quality games about dinosaurs, there are many promising indie projects that are ready to fill this gap in the market.

If you lack the thrill of walking with dinosaurs, then here is the best dinosaur games on PC.

ARK: Survival EvolvedArk: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is the first on the list of the best dinosaur games on PC for all time. As the name implies, Ark belongs to the genre of survival, which means that the hunt for dinosaurs will begin only after making your own spear, which will allow you to challenge annoying predators. This is not the most powerful attack, but a huge variety of creatures that you can fight, track and tame will allow you to explore various biomes for many hundreds of hours.

Having studied each species in more detail, you can make friends with dinosaurs and use their characteristic features to survive in the outside world, whether it be ordinary mammoths that will allow you to move faster, resource collectors, cargo carriers or your faithful foot soldiers. In addition, for Ark: Survival Evolved, there are many interesting mods.


TurokTurok and Turok 2

Now it’s hard to believe, but before the ranks of blockbuster shooters were replenished with a couple of Gears of War and Call of Duty 4, many other prominent representatives appeared in this genre. The first part of Turok, in particular, is a distinctive example of the Quake era, filled to the brim with weapons flying through the air, a feverishly fast hunt for dinosaurs and endless hordes of enemies. However, this is one of the best the best dinosaur games on PC.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is already a more thoughtful game with an emphasis on non-linear mazes, rather than on the traditional cleaning of corridors that was characteristic of other shooters of that time. However, today it is known for its creative variety of weapons, especially the creepy Cerebral Bore. In general, these are the best of the old games, and they are still remembered with love, and they also allow us to dominate the giant reptiles, which is why the best dinosaur games on PC are ideal for this list.

Jurassic World Evolution: Deluxe EditionJurassic World Evolution

While most dinosaur games concentrate on the hunting aspect, the developers decided to create something new with Jurassic World Evolution: Deluxe Edition: a real dinosaur ranch! Instead of mowing prehistoric creatures with a minigun, you will try to build your own Jurassic park, which is desirable to last longer than one day.

At the same time, it is not necessary to build a theme park in the best traditions of the film, but it is quite possible to create an institution dedicated to scientific research, or an ominous “security center” patrolled genetically advanced mega dinosaurs.

This may not be the most in-depth control simulator of the existing ones, but it will allow you to imagine yourself in all its glory as the owner of a dinosaur park, right up to the intervention in the DNA of the most dangerous creatures that have ever walked on this planet. In addition, there are many Ark: Survival Evolved mods to choose from.

LEGO Jurassic WorldLEGO Jurassic World

Speaking of the Jurassic Park franchise: LEGO Jurassic World combines the efforts of experts in the field of adventure games TT Games with the plot of the trilogy and the first film, Jurassic World. In fact, these are the greatest hits of the series than you can imagine.

The main advantage is that LEGO games are better than others for playing together with family and friends, which makes them one of the best dinosaur games on PC in principle. Although not so many unique features separate this game from other LEGO projects, apart from the atmosphere, you can play for many different dinosaurs, which is very fun.



Dino D-DayDino D-Day

The best multiplayer games with shooter elements can often seem rather boring and joyless, especially when they seek to accurately reflect the declared period. Dino D-Day is a refreshing alternative to a traditional WWII-style shooter in which semi-tactical shooting from Day of Defeat is intertwined with harsh dinosaur fangs and claws.

And although all this sounds like a Blood and Bacon-style joke game, in reality it is a surprisingly creative game with a class basis and truly wild ideas. For example, an ordinary raptor is able to endure single targets in just a few strokes, almost like a hunter in Left 4 Dead.

Unfortunately, D-Day has been around for almost ten years, and the number of enthusiastic players has dropped significantly. Nevertheless, if you can draw friends into it, you will experience unforgettable emotions with them. This game clearly deserves to be on the list of the best dinosaur games on PC.

The Isle

The Isle

The Isle is a multi-player survival simulator. However, there is nothing similar to this game on the PC yet. The gameplay here is pretty simple: you go to a server full of dinosaurs that other people play, and try to survive by hunting smaller creatures and avoiding predators at all costs.

Nevertheless, The Isle becomes really interesting when players begin to form swarms and groups, creating whole herds controlled by various players, nests for further development and large-scale dinosaur battles. This game takes its rightful place on our list of the best dinosaur games on PC.




Primal Carnage GenesisPrimal Carnage

Dinosaur hunting games are a fierce battle between humans and predators, and this is exactly what you get from Primal Carnage. On the one hand, you have hunters in sunglasses and with big guns, on the other hand, giant reptiles with a deafening roar rushing into battle.

Primal Carnage vividly illustrate the moments when both sides just start throwing themselves at each other in a row, which inevitably leads to a ridiculous hand-to-hand fight. Any game in which you can play as a pterodactyl, throw yourself at the enemy, lift it into the air and drop it towards death is worthy of attention. Along with Dino D-Day, this multiplayer game lacks players, so you will most likely need a couple of loyal friends for a successful game.



Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter RebornCarnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn

If you want to fill up Triceratops in the best traditions of hunting simulators, and not in the Turok style, then you have found your candidate. This game Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn of the beloved series of the late 90s is dedicated to tracking and subsequent shooting of various dinosaurs.

You have to sneak up on these reptiles from afar and hold your breath for the sake of accurate shots, and the size and condition of each target will determine what rewards you get for a clean kill.

There is not so much content here, but if you are tired of hunting deer, wild boars and other harmless forest animals, then here is a breath of clean air for a change. The game takes its place in our top the best dinosaur games on PC.


Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter: World

Technically, this, of course, is not the dinosaurs that you expect, but it is difficult to deny that the images of Apseros or Anjanat are based on real prehistoric views, even if this does not apply to the largest monsters in the game.

In case you overlook this series, Monster Hunter: World is fully consistent with its name: you play as a monster hunter in a world full of fantastic creatures that can be explored, tracked down and recorded in trophies in a truly cinematic manner. After a successful murder, you can also disassemble the loot for resources, take it to the camp and make more durable weapons and armor to fight larger creatures.

In addition to the attractive power, Monster Hunter: World boasts one of the best combat systems among the action games in the RPG genre. There are a huge number of types of weapons, from standard combos of the sword and shield to more eccentric combinations, such as a small spear, and to study all kinds of combinations for each of them will be difficult. If you are willing to spend time and figure it out, then this is probably the best dinosaur games on PC for hunting dinosaurs, even if some of them suddenly learned to fly and breathe fire.

Far Cry PrimalFar Cry: Primal

Finally, the last game on our list is the top the best dinosaur games on PC. We know that the action in Primal takes place in the Mesolithic era, millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of dinosaurs, then woolly rhinos, mammoths and formidable cave bears should be liked by you no less, and Far Cry: Primal is ready to provide an appointment with them.

Primal will allow you to hunt all these creatures and tame some of them, as well as send them into battle for you. If you are tired of all these killings, then this game is still one of the best dinosaur games on PC with an open world, in which there is no shortage of secondary additional quests. This is not the best Far Cry, but it conveys a sense of something primitive much better than most other games.


And these were the best dinosaur games on PC for all time. If you want to play a game from the list, you can easily download games for free from our website

We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!