Best PC games about World War II

Best PC games about World War IIBest PC games about World War II reflect conflict

Given that many games, including Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other games, go back to the 1940s, one should ask: Which Best PC games about World War II reflect the theme of World War II better than others? The most terrible conflict in the history of mankind was a desperate struggle for territory and a clash of ideologies, leading to numerous heroic offensives, intense air battles, large-scale information wars and fierce battles. Here you will find Best PC games about World War II that you can play right now.

Regardless of whether you want to survive the harsh landings on enemy territory, strategic challenges, the thrill of aerial combat or the cohesion of an entire fraternity of resistance, you will certainly find a game to your taste. And thanks to a new wave of interest, we have recently been introducing you a list of games that boast amazing graphics and very energetic shootouts.

So, from large-scale free tank battles to complex war games, you will definitely find below, among the list of Best PC games about World War II, a lesson for long and long hours.

World of TanksWorld of tanks

So, the first game on the list of Best PC games about World War II is a computer game that is literally obsessed with tanks, hence its name – World of Tanks. This game is full of incredibly detailed artillery platforms and track chains. Hundreds of great cars are available for research, unlocking and buying, because for every difficult match you get experience and resources.

World of Tanks is a game that you can immerse yourself in or play a little – and still get a lot of fun. At first glance, everything here is quite simple and resembles an arcade, but under the harsh armor hides a growling and angry engine, indicating something more serious. How vulnerable is the Tiger II machine gun cell? Where are the weak points of the indomitable IS-3? What is the actual thickness of the T32 upper windshield? Penetration of armor, angles of attack, vulnerabilities – this is what you need to know and be able to.

In order to win over and over again, improve your tanks and ultimately be in the leaderboard, you will need to spend far more than one hour. Such a process of improvement would be somewhat reminiscent of work if it were not part of an exciting game about tank battles. And with constant updates, new maps, modes, features and an audience of hundreds of millions of players, you will never stop learning something new. Let it be at times far from realism, but it is certainly one of the best PC games about World War II.

War ThunderWar Thunder

Second in the list of the best PC games about World War II is War Thunder. The Second World War was fought by the equal efforts of the land, sea and air forces, making an invaluable contribution to the battles of the parties, and War Thunder perfectly conveys this aspect. Initially, the focus was on large air battles, but soon they were joined by ground battles with the participation of roaring tanks, and soon, thanks to the addition, sea clashes.

Providing a dizzying assortment of historically accurate models of aircraft, tanks and ships from almost all countries involved in World War II, this exceptional free game will be a great multiplayer experience. As a simulator, War Thunder is famous for its incredible attention to detail, which makes the game so exciting. Each machine behaves in completely different ways, arranging for the player unique challenges. And even away from the epicenter of the battle, tactics are necessary, since you are constantly filling the hangars with new vehicles and improving them in accordance with your style.

Developers continue to improve the combat system in the game, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guide to naval battles in War Thunder.

Steel Division 2Steel Division 2

The third place in the Best PC games about World War II ranking is occupied by Steel Division 2. If you do not like hardcore war games and prefer the strategies about World War II, then the choice is for Steel Division 2. Covering events on the Eastern Front, the game reveals deeply the original historical material, embodying in its gameplay every aspect of the fierce struggle between the forces of Germany and the Red Army. There is no shortage of Soviet recruits, but they are poorly equipped and will not withstand strong pressure. SS troops, on the other hand, fight more efficiently, but they lack zeal after long months of harsh Russian winters.

Like the first game, Steel Division: Normandy 44, the sequel unsurpassed conveys the scale of the military campaign, offering large maps with strict unnatural borders and a detailed demonstration of hostilities. At your disposal are tanks, troops and planes, but you are constantly focusing on the battlefield, and not on where you draw resources.

The new mode (Army General) is an excellent combination of a real-time strategy campaign plot with deep tactical decisions that you usually make in great examples of the genre. Four mini-campaigns will lead you through the Belarusian strategic offensive operation, during which Soviet troops finally broke through the German defense, and most of the actions here take place on a strategic map.

World of WarshipsWorld of Warships

World of Warships, a game about World War II, is a proven World of Tanks formula transferred to the aquatic environment. However, this is not just a World of Tanks with ships, since the transition to the open sea has led to significant changes. The local battles are much slower, more thoughtful and, finally, require a finer strategy than their ground counterparts.

Once in the open sea, you will experience a sense of fear and vulnerability that is not present in other games, in any case, not to such an extent. In World of Warships it’s impossible to hide or flee – you can only make plans, some of which will fail, and others, subject to help from the team, can lead you to a glorious victory.

Air support adds a certain twist to the game. You can send fighters and bombers to battle right from the deck of your ship – and now the gameplay resembles a real-time strategy. At the same time, you will desperately pray to Poseidon so that this time carefully built guns hit the target for sure. Here’s what makes this game one of the Best PC games about World War II. On top of that, the developers did an amazing job of updating the game, adding new ships such as pan-Asian destroyers.

Call of Duty 2Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 has become one of the Best PC games about World War II. Familiar scenes, such as the Normandy landing, were recreated in more detail, dramatically and with a keen sense of vulnerability. War has never looked so realistic!

The game was able to demonstrate the global scale of the war. Like the original Call of Duty, she talked about British, American and Soviet troops, and also introduced the North African campaign for the first time, as the British had to fight in the desert, melting from the heat, dying of thirst and hiding from tanks.

Despite the fact that COD2 has been around for more than ten years, it has stood the test of time due to the fact that it was one of the first games to implement the health recovery function, which allowed us to focus on the battle and not worry about finding first-aid kits. With the improved allies, the feeling was that you were leading real soldiers with names into battle, and not mindless models with glued weapons. Call of Duty 2 is not just one of the Best PC games about World War II, but also one of the best first-person shooters for PC.

Call of Duty WW2Call of Duty: WWII

If you are looking for breadth and scope of detail, then COD: WW2 can confuse you with its Eurocentric campaign and German soldiers with PPSh-41. However, she does something better than other games about the Second World War, namely, creates a strong connection between the player and his squad, which lasts throughout history – from the shores of Normandy to the capture of the Ludendorff bridge. This effect is achieved due to the fact that members of the squad replenish your health reserves, ammunition and grenades, forcing you to look for a medic when you are at the limit, even if a tank gets in your way. A surprisingly organic way to demonstrate the special connection that is formed between brothers in arms.

COD: WW2 also stands out due to the relatively recent release date. After the overabundance of World War II games that flooded the PC world in the mid-2000s, we experienced a ten-year lull when rapid improvements in graphics helped to brighten other conflicts, while World War II games were far behind in this regard.

In our COD: WW2 review, we were impressed with the audiovisual effects that give the campaign an almost cinematic scale, whether it is the sonicity of recharging your M1 Garand or the rich echoes of particles, giving each texture and surround element its depth. Of course, you have repeatedly fought in all these battles and in earlier games, but they have never looked so convincing.

Company of Heroes 2Company of Heroes 2

As follows from our review on Company of Heroes 2, despite the vivid transmission of the horror of war in winter conditions, the game could not reach the high level set by its venerable predecessor. However, the independent addition of Ardennes Assault Relic revived the single component of a series of the most interesting campaigns and regained the crown in the field of military first-person shooter games.

It’s all about the dynamic map. The Ardennes region is one huge, ever-changing war zone where the Germans are trying to capture as large a territory as possible. Managing American troops under the command of three officers – Baker, Able and Dog – with their unique mechanics and strengths, players must gradually force the Germans out in a desperate struggle. It is not only a matter of military victories; they will be useless if they take the lives of veterans and leave your rest in a battered and weakened state.

Random goals and events can appear in the process of battles and on the map itself, so no campaign here is like any other. You can be instructed to kill an officer during a mission or to ambush a transport convoy, and failure or victory will have a tangible effect on the war as a whole. This is a non-stop, brutal conflict, where failures are always ready to strike at the forces of the United States, which in time become increasingly desperate. With such detail, it is not surprising that this is one of the Best PC games about World War II.

Commandos 2 - HD RemasterCommandos 2

Such games are no longer made, and this is a real tragedy. The game is still unsurpassed. This is essentially a puzzle game. You manage a group of operatives behind enemy lines for a dozen carefully designed, multifaceted, very complex operations.

Each mission is a large-scale ramified system with a deeply detailed map offering freedom of action, and difficult goals that will require you to tactical thinking, intelligence skills, the ability to count ahead and not be afraid to make mistakes in order to try again. You will meet a wide variety of tasks: from stealing valuable documents and saving spies to exploding ships and stealing vehicles. Countless patrols, guards, minefields and even severe weather will try to stop the heroes. Fortunately, a lot of trump cards are hidden in the sleeves of the commandos.

At your disposal there is a spy who can steal clothes and disguise himself as an enemy, a secret agent capable of distracting and poisoning the Nazis, and a battle-hardened “green beret” who is not afraid to stain his fists with blood. You also have a dog, Whiskey, which expertly distracts opponents. Each mission gives you a specific detachment, and there it is up to you to decide exactly how to perform the main, secondary and bonus tasks. It is this freedom of choice that makes Commandos 2 not only one of the Best PC games about World War II, but also one of the best PC games of all time.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of StalingradRed Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Despite the fact that games like Brothers in Arms and World of Tanks strive for historical authenticity in terms of weapons, equipment and locations, they are still prone to Hollywood receptions. Red Orchestra 2 abandons these filters in favor of an incredibly complex tactical shooter. Heroes of Stalingrad recreates battles on the Eastern Front in a manner similar to Battlefield in the areas of weapons, classes of soldiers and vehicles. Noting the very possibility of shooting at random and all sorts of recklessness, Red Orchestra strictly requires the players to team work, caution and thoughtful tactical approach to the goals.

It is the difficulty of being a single screw in a war machine that makes Red Orchestra so irresistible. Machine gunners provide fire cover, allowing other players to move around the battlefield. However, it is worth overdoing it with shelling – and the barrel of the gun will begin to melt and will require replacement in the form of a long animation. Tanks are real killing machines with full crew, but try to drive them alone – and you will feel like an easy target while trying to aim a gun. In addition to the stress from the fact that you are part of the team, you still have to independently count the cartridges due to the lack of this indicator in the interface.

Each round in Red Orchestra 2 is hard work, but, like in ARMA along with other shooters with advanced physics of shells, with every point earned you feel an unrivaled sense of victory. A few games about the Second World War will require you so much zeal for just one hit. If you are more interested in the Pacific conflict, then there is a spiritual follower from Tripwire Interactive called Rising Storm – just as harsh and realistic.

Silent Hunter 3Silent Hunter 3

World War II is often portrayed as a bloodthirsty, violent and tearing-eardrum conflict. However, far from all sides of a full-scale war appear so noisy and swift. For quiet, prudent and cold-blooded killers, one cannot find a better unique model of the stealth genre – Silent Hunter. Release your scouts: it’s time to dive into the underwater confrontation.

Despite its considerable age, Silent Hunter III remains one of the best games about the Second World War and allows you to control a submarine with a German crew in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Dynamic missions simply notify you of goals and conditions, allowing you to carry out operations in any way you want. You will also have to learn to understand the map: Silent Hunter is one of those uncompromising underwater games, where without decent navigation skills you will shoot torpedoes into the open sea, and not aboard the Allied merchant ship. The key ingredient is patience and waiting while you are hiding in the darkness of the waters, the gradual realization of all your plans. This game takes its rightful place in the list of the Best PC games about World War II.

Brothers in Arms Hell's HighwayBrothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

In the Brothers in Arms games you will find some of the best stories in the setting of the Second World War, filled with personal stories about the fierce struggle and fraternal bonds. Hell’s Highway, the third part of the series, tells of the heartbreaking hardships of the 101st Airborne Division under the command of Matt Baker, emphasizing the merciless deaths that every soldier experienced in Save the Private Ryan or Brothers in Arms.

The plot complements a fantastic first-person shooter. He borrows the cover system from Rainbow Six: Vegas, which allows to increase the effectiveness of the tactics of the squad. At Brothers in Arms, war is hell, so thoughtful use of workarounds and fire support is the only way to survive. Thanks to the close relationships between the heroes, who are gracefully woven into the Hell’s Highway campaign, by the end of the game you will feel as if you were really able to save your comrades.

And what a gloomy atmosphere is here. Even creepy. Limbs fly, people turn into bloody bags of meat – all this is disgusting. However, there is no sensation as if the game is enjoying such a picture. More like trying to imagine a war in the form of a terrible, traumatic development of events that you, to your great happiness, are experiencing on a PC, and not in reality. This game takes pride of place on the list of the Best PC games about World War II.

Order of Battle: PacificOrder of Battle: U.S. Pacific

Order of Battle: Pacific inherits the well-known style of war games and manages to get around in terms of implementing any other successor to the classic games. This is a complex, but at the same time affordable game with logical rules and a keen attention to detail.

Each turn turns into a series of puzzles. Goals need to be achieved quickly, without delay. However, covering side missions also promises bonuses in the future. Any decision leads to new opportunities and questions.

Among other things, this game succeeds in naval battles and technology, which is very rare in the best strategies, and it is also important, given that you will spend most of the time on the high seas thanks to the Pacific setting. The Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific approach to detail is exceptionally strong and gives the usual voyages from port to port as much interest as the battles themselves.

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes, realizes your dream of becoming a World War II fighter pilot, and for free. Another game from the list of the Best PC games about World War II will throw you in the cockpit of one of more than five types of aircraft, offering thousands of customization options. In this eternal struggle for the sky, you will become a participant in intense 12 to 12 air battles, which will require clear communication skills and effective teamwork to win.

The action of this PC game takes place in the Golden Age of military aviation – in the most suitable conditions. You will fight for one of the seven nations, but at the same time fly around the whole world. This means that even if you are regularly knocked down in such games, at least you can enjoy the views in the fall.


This concludes our top review of “Best PC games about World War II.” Choose the game you like and download from our site absolutely free.