The best submarine games

The best submarine gamesWe present to your attention a list of The best submarine games

Looking for the best PC games where action takes place under water? Underwater simulators were quite popular in the 90s, but if you want to play newer titles with submarines, then the choice is far from wide. Ready to go through all the circles of hell to transfer classics like Silent Hunter, Silent Service and Aces of the Deep to your current PC? Good luck then! Dreaming of a simpler solution? Refer to this list of The best submarine games: it has a lot of reliable modern options.

There are several types of underwater games: some try to copy the everyday routine of military submarines to the smallest detail, while others focus on tracking battleships and calculating ideal torpedo salvos. Nevertheless, such titles usually hide much more behind attempts to sink “surface” neighbors, including crew management, strategic use of resources, development of navigation and orientation skills – all this will come in handy if you and your team want to return home safely.

Therefore, we invite you to study our list of The best submarine games for PC right now, from free multi-player industry titans to beginners from early access in the image and likeness of FTL.

Silent Hunter 3Silent hunter 3

Silent Hunter 3 is the first on the list of The best submarine games. When it comes to complex underwater games that masterfully allow you to get used to the role of the captain of a submarine, it’s hard to remember a better option than Silent Hunter 3. There are several different campaigns and even dynamic ones to choose from patrol missions, each of which in its own way will test your strength. At the beginning of the war, the command of a submarine will make you feel like the highest predator, since few enemies are able to withstand the fight against new technologies, however by 1944 the task will become almost impossible since the enemy ships will receive cover and significant air support.

At your disposal will be many different submarines, each of which is a unique representative of its period, from unstable submarines of the late 30s to more durable ships that can inflict damage from long distances and carry heavy loads.

Whatever you choose, expect a variety of realistic details on all fronts. You can walk through the compartments from the first person and see the crew in action, as well as take advantage of external, strategic and cinematic settings. Silent Hunter 3 has an abundance of settings that you can use as you get used to the controls. This is one of the few old games on the list, so if you want to play a slightly more modern version, then Silent Hunter 4, Silent Hunter 5 and Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic are also worthy of attention.

Cold WatersCold waters

This relatively new game represents the spiritual heir to the novel Red Storm Rises, and truly manifests itself when the battle begins. You are the captain of a nuclear submarine tasked with preventing mutually assured destruction during the escalating Cold War.

Patrolling the waters of the Barents Sea and the Labrador Sea, you have to fight with Soviet warships, intercept convoys and deliver special forces to enemy territories. To do this, you have about 40 ships equipped with everything in a row – from torpedoes with a guidance system and cruise missiles to modern sonars.

Cold Waters sensibly recalls that you are not only a predator, but also a victim: when attacking an enemy ship, be prepared to discover that the other two vessels have long been tracking you at a distance and it is time to perform skillful maneuvers to evade a couple of torpedoes. Fortunately, your submarine is so light and obedient that graceful feints will not become a problem even in the heat of battle. This game takes its rightful place in the list of The best submarine games.


Combining third-party crew management with first-person combat, UBOAT creates an amazing balance of strategy and action that will appeal to both undemanding fans and hardcore fans of underwater and war games. Your task in the role of the captain of a submarine of the Second World War consists of two aspects: to carry out any orders received from the Kriegsmarine, and to keep your crew and vessel in working and working condition.

What makes this title special is the ability to take a first-person walk on a submarine as a captain, take a crew and even punish him. For example, if you got up on the wrong foot, then you can very well execute the cook for a burnt breakfast.

Furrowing uncharted waters, you will get a lot of pleasure from the gameplay. However, this is perhaps the most beautiful submarine game on our list of The best submarine games. We hope that it will continue to improve thanks to new gameplay features from the developer Deep Water Studio.


Dreaming to explore the highly detailed interiors of submarines? Then this simulator of deep-sea battles in the first person is ideal for you. Wolfpack, developed in conjunction with the Sub-Community themed community, aims to make it the best underwater game of all time. Moreover, Wolfpack is one of the few cooperative games of this subject, which allows you and your friends to take on various roles among the crew and surf the sea together.

Everything happens purely in the first person, so do not wait for a view from the side or management of the team, which only distract from a full immersion. The disadvantage of Wolfpack is that to succeed in the game you really need to know your business, so if you suddenly do not understand the structure of the submarine and its operation, then you will have a difficult time.


World of WarshipsWorld of warships

They said this would never happen, but we still saw the official announcements of submarines for free multiplayer battles in World of Warships. After testing by the players themselves in Operation Terror of the Depths, the Wargaming team decided to introduce submarines with unique combat mechanics into the main game.

If you are not averse to playing a free naval simulator, then this title is rapidly gaining momentum since its release in 2015. The game still remains one of the best games about the Second World War for lovers of sea battles, and naturally deserves to be on our list of The best submarine games.

If you ask whether the game World of Warships is worth downloading from torrent for free? We will tell you yes, if you like water transport and the large guns that are installed on it, then this game is for you. Answering the same question, we add that in World of Warships there will be all the main classes of ships: destroyers, aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers. Therefore, the war will be waged according to all the rules. We emphasize once again: we must carefully consider the conduct of hostilities. It will be interesting to do this not only due to technical diversity, but also to modern three-dimensional graphics.


Not all of the best underwater games are simulations, as evidenced by Barotrauma, an explosive 2D mix of multiplayer chaos, alien monsters and submarine control in the best FTL tradition. In Barotrauma, you build your own submarine and go in search of all kinds of sea monsters. In this case, it is quite possible to play alone, but the cooperative is an order of magnitude cooler, since any of your minor mistakes eventually develop into disasters of cosmic proportions.

Sometimes it’s difficult to just keep the submarine afloat without letting it burn out from the inside, so it’s easy to imagine how quickly and sadly events will develop when underwater creatures come into play. The slightest deviation from the safe trajectory – and now one compartment is already flooded, and your friend falls into the jaws of a giant anglerfish, which immediately leads to lively discussions in voice chat. This game is clearly worth being on the list of The best submarine games.


The list of The best submarine games is completed by Subnautica. Despite the obvious element of underwater survival, you will spend a lot of time exploring the seabed in a tiny personal submarine. The goals here are much more modest than confronting the Soviet aggressors in Cold Waters or inflicting damage on the ships of the allied forces in UBOAT. Instead, you just need to survive an emergency landing on an unfamiliar planet, which is a vast ocean. From a humble beginning on a floating rescue capsule with a raw seaweed diet, all the way to the creation of a miniature submarine and underwater research base. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our Subnautica manual to learn how to use the map, resources, and many other game features.

And in conclusion

This is our list of The best submarine games at the moment.

If you are new to the subject of submarines, then at first these titles may seem rather difficult, but do not give up: study the topic, get acquainted with a community of the same enthusiasts – and soon learn everything you need!

Good luck!