Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time

Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All TimeThe best fighting games on PC

Everyone loves fighting games! Well, okay, not all, but many. Who will refuse to pick up the controller and ask the opponent to pepper, whether it is an ordinary bot, some Chinese from Beijing, or your friend. But how many fighting games do we know? As practice shows, the average fan of video game fights can hardly name more than five types of fighting games that you could play right now on the same computer. When you start asking, then, as a rule, everyone is limited to listing a few of the most high-profile names, but they are quickly exhausted. Ancient old people, at the same time, may begin to recall something from the Dendy type Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, but this does not count. Therefore, we have selected for you Top 15 the best fighting games on PC of All Time.

In general, there is a desire to play, but my horizons are small. That is why we decided to arrange a small educational program on modern fighting games for PCs that were recently released, and which you may wish to play.

We will present the best fighting games in the form of the 15 most interesting projects from our point of view, among which there will be those which, of course, you know very well. In general, let’s get started.

Let’s start our games rating

Mortal Kombat 111) Mortal Kombat 11

The first in the ranking of the top 15 the best fighting games on PC of All Time is Mortal Kombat 11. This game series has become the largest of all fighting games and continues to develop rapidly. The trailer for the announcement, which shows how Raiden and Scorpio are fighting, has already been shown as the basis. The trailer shows that the game has become even darker and bloody, and most importantly, now all users will find a new character who has not previously appeared on the expanses of the game universe. The developers promise a more advanced customization, which you could observe in the game Injustice 2. Players will be able to compete with each other, earn various points and just feel comfortable.

Fighting games are actively developing and are becoming much better, which is good news. Most likely the game will become a service, taking into account the long-term development prospects, which cannot but rejoice. It remains only to boldly download Mortal Kombat 11 via torrent from our website and start playing. Do not worry, all the last parts of the fighting game were cult and interesting, most likely the new part will not disappoint the fans.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition2) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Second place best fighting games is Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. So we waited for the fifth part of this wonderful game, and the most important thing is that you can download Street Fighter 5 via torrent from our website. The Street Fighter series is older than many readers of this article; it appeared in 1987 on machines that can now be found with rare exceptions only in museums. But the game immediately made a splash. It had everything that should be in a good fighting game. A hero named Ryu, who knows karate very well and is sorry to show his art to the whole world. True, his friend Ken pursues the same goal … Anyway, in the world of Street Fighter is full of excellent fighters.

The original version impressed with special weapons. These are tatsumaki-senpukyaku, shoryuken, hadokenu. Although the graphics were not the same as they are now, they looked great. Then the “specialists” were in every unit. The developers also constantly developed other strokes, paid great attention to the balance between speed and power. The upcoming Street Fighter 5 will be the quintessential best of the past three decades.

Only the owners of the PC and the latest console from Sony will be able to feel the beauty and entertainment. Yes, while it is an exclusive. Of course, the development team is still engaged in the same team – Capcom.

WWE 2K203) WWE 2K20

The honorable third place in the best fighting games is WWE 2K20. If you like fighting games, then you probably will not give up the ring, where a variety of things can happen. Today you have a unique opportunity to download WWE 2K20 – a game that transfers all the passions and battles in the ring into virtual space. Wrestling is a spectacular show that gives you the opportunity to play for a variety of different and colorful characters, each of which has physical development and can repel any opponent. In addition to the fact that a variety of battles take place, between the heroes constantly arise conflicts, friendship and even love. The main thing is that all this is transmitted through the battle in the ring, which in itself is a rather fascinating moment.

The gameplay is presented in a fighting game format within a limited territory. This time you will not have any restrictions, since wrestling in fact is a fight without rules. Therefore, you can use dozens of different tricks and fight with your opponent in real time. The main advantage of this entertainment is that you can create your own individual character and assign him a series of tricks, and then go with this set to conquer the public and rush to victory. By the way, the game provides an advanced PvP mode, where you can fight alone or as part of an assembled team.

The battles themselves will be spectacular and extremely interesting, it will sometimes be possible to use the surrounding objects and even call for the help of other reslers. The main thing is to carefully monitor the performance and not give all the best from the very beginning, otherwise the opponent will quickly disable you and there will be a loss. Plan actions, achieve success and just enjoy high-quality graphics. Ahead of you is waiting for fun and the opportunity to realize yourself. We wish you good luck and all the best!

injustice 2 legendary edition 300x300 - Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time4) Injustice 2: Legendary Edition

Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is a fairly popular and desirable fighting game that allowed users to enjoy pleasant adventures and fight with other users, taking control of the heroes of two universes: Marvel and DC. Players enthusiastically fought and enjoyed almost every moment of the gameplay. Therefore, to enable players to continue to enjoy the legendary fighting game, the developers decided to release the second part of the game Injustice, which this time will become larger, more interesting and more beautiful.

If you go back to the origins of development, the first part of Injustice came out back in 2013 and told the story of how Superman lost an adequate mind in connection with the death of his girlfriend and began to take over the world. He succeeded and now he has become a world dictator, however, it is worthwhile to understand that all the other heroes opposed him and decided to stop the bloody rule. In addition, both villains and goodies came out against Superman, and each had its own goal. How this whole story ended is unknown, so the new part of Injustice 2 will tell the details in terms of this story and put an end to the desperate confrontation.

As you might guess, this time the battles will become more interesting and exciting, as dozens of new characters will be added to the games, they will create a number of new tricks for each of them and they will simply allow you to enjoy interesting adventures along with the characters in a variety of costumes. It does not make sense to list all the heroes, since there are a lot of them, so you just need to download the game to personally try all the available heroes.

Street Fighter X Tekken5) Street Fighter X Tekken

Fifth on the list of best fighting games is Street Fighter X Tekken. Sometimes in disputes on a topic like: “Who is stronger: Batman or Superman?”, The fan who is physically stronger than his opponent wins … But you can determine if Ken Masters can defeat Lae Oolun objectively, because in 2012 Street Fighter X was released Tekken But it’s worth noting that fans of the Street Fighter franchise have a certain advantage, because the development was conducted by Dimps and Capcom. Yes, the gameplay here is more “streetfighter”. However, everything is fair, since the gate will change in the future – Namco is developing the Tekken X Street Fighter.

What happens if you cross two of the most famous fighting games in one game? In fact, a very good game comes out. In Street Fighter X Tekken, the player will be able to see all of his most beloved characters from the same fighting games. Famous fighters need to face in fierce and spectacular battles for the champion title. A huge number of combinations, an energy storage system for using super blows, and, of course, an exciting multiplayer. All this can be seen only here. The two best fighting games in the history of the genre were combined into a single whole, and as a result a completely new game appeared offering an amazing gaming experience. The command mode plays a huge role. In it, each player is able to connect for his character right during the combination of his partner. This allows you to achieve incredible chains of blows, literally destroying opponents.

UFC: Undisputed6) UFC: Undisputed

UFC: Undisputed is a classic fighting game based on fights without rules. This is a successful continuation of Yuke’s studio. The first part of the game seemed incredibly difficult, but after the release of the second game, all users realized how wrong they were. Developers from Yuke’s embodied their best ideas in a fighting game, and we got a high-quality game in fights without rules.

Game features

The developers have added new kicks in the boxing part, it is possible to dodge the opponent’s kicks and quickly counterattack. So there is the opportunity to quickly and easily win. All the best tricks in the game can be performed against the wall, because then the enemy has nowhere to retreat, he begins to defend himself and it is much easier to pull his legs out from under him. The developers paid attention to all the non-spectacular aspects of the game. For example, in the clinch now you can survive half the round, waiting for the moment of a successful wrestling capture. The game is very difficult. Even if you were real champions in the previous part of the game, in this series you can lose in the first fight.

Visually, the game has become better, details are better drawn. A full-fledged single player mode was created. You can hold offline championships with virtual and live participants. The developers practically did not touch the management, because everything was in order there. The developers added the ability to dodge boxing attacks to the game. True, this does not help at all if legs are used. The developers added fencing for the fighting. In the game you can play in the right and left-handed stance, certain fighters even know how to change it during a fight. This is very convenient, because attacks are more difficult to calculate. The character can be developed, trained on the ground. Here, new techniques, elbow strikes are being mastered.

To pass the game you will need to learn how to fight, without this, the player will not be able to do anything. Fights without rules are dangerous contests, but you do not risk anything if you decide to play this fighting game at your leisure. A simple victory scheme In order to quickly defeat an opponent, you need to run up to him, push him against the wall, try to drop him in the ring and hold a painful reception. So you can quickly win, but at the same time, you need to have a good game skill. Challenge yourself in the gaming arena, defeat all opponents and become the UFC champion. This will not be easy, but a true gamer loves complexity.

Tekken 7 - Ultimate Edition7) Tekken 7 – Ultimate Edition

Seventh place in the rating of best fighting games is Tekken 7 – Ultimate Edition. The last game of the legendary Tekken fighting game series – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – was released in 2011. True, she was devoted exclusively to tournaments and did not affect the storyline. As for the story of the characters, the last story game – Tekken 6 – was released back in 2007. And finally, fighting game fans can rejoice – the new part of Tekken 7 has already been released.

The gameplay will please at least two novelties: first: the characters will be able to strike at the moment when they are attacked; second: at a critical level of health, it will be possible to use special attacks that take away from an opponent 40–80% of their health. The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, which allows you to use the capabilities of the latest generation consoles to the maximum. The developers promise exciting special effects and an incredibly realistic fighting game in general, which means only one thing that you need to download Tekken 7 via torrent on your pc from our site and immediately start playing.

dead or alive 6 300x300 - Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time8) Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 is the continuation of a series of Japanese arcade-style fighting games from Team Ninja. The game continues the franchise Dead or Alive. According to the authors of the project, the game continues the classic traditions of the series. You again have to take part in dynamic competitions, driving sexy girls-fighters or muscular guys with a full body. The new part is being developed on a new engine. The rendering of this engine is based on physical principles. Thanks to this, the game will have a completely new graphic design and new lighting for different surfaces. The skin will become much more realistic, shadows will appear, wrinkles will become noticeable. The developers promise to make character models detailed and worked out as much as possible. Also, players are waiting for new heroes and new opportunities. If you are a fan of fighting games, then download the torrent Dead or Alive 6 from our website.

In the new game, gamers will take part in the tournament for death, taking control of one of the fighters represented. The whole gameplay is built on fierce and dynamic fights with interactive inserts. In Dead or Alive 6 there will be both old and new characters who wished to take part in fierce battles. Each of the fighters wants to be the best among the best. However, who will succeed will depend only on your actions.

absolver 300x300 - Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time9) Absolver: Deluxe Edition

Absolver: Deluxe Edition is the ninth place best fighting games. It is a multiplayer role-playing game dedicated to fighting without weapons and cold weapons, allowing you to use a variety of styles. The action takes place on the ruins of the fictional state of Adal. The main character, and others, is not just wandering around these lands, but is looking for opportunities to prove himself and become Absolver’s, or a member of the best detachment under the command of those who now rule Adal. They already gave the applicant something extremely valuable – a mask that suppresses hunger, thirst and generally makes it almost immortal. But enough words – it’s time to fight!

First of all, responsibly create your character. You can’t change your face, especially since all the characters in this game wear masks on their faces. But then you can choose the character himself and martial art, which he will learn. Customize his hair color, height, skin color, and other equally important characteristics. After that, go to the school of martial arts, from where your adventures will begin.

A huge open world, a sea of ​​opportunities, battles with characters, the conclusion of alliances, duel battles with other characters in different modes, trials and much more are waiting for you. But remember, here everything will primarily depend on your reaction, tactics, and experience.

SoulCalibur 610) SoulCalibur 6

Tenth place in the Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time for SoulCalibur 6. SoulCalibur VI was eagerly awaited by the entire gaming community. The next part of the cult fighting game again takes us into a whirlpool of fierce battles, where each fighter is ready to do anything in order to win the title of the best of their best in their skill. Downloading SoulCalibur 6 via torrent is quite simple, so any gamer can try on the role of a brave hero and try to stop the insidious killers, who are constantly hunting for mystical artifacts. Having chosen the single player mode, you will be transported to many years ago and will be able to learn a lot from the history of the Soul universe. Special attention deserves the updated mechanics of the battle – now players are available even more unique tactics and techniques.

The struggle for freedom, artifacts and one’s own soul is not an easy task. You have to make a lot of efforts in order to become a really strong fighter and get the right to make your name in the history of the fighting game. Train, earn valuable experience, take part in battles and remember that only stubborn surrenders are unattainable for most peaks. Download SoulCalibur VI to your PC via torrent right now and you will see that this game really deserves the right to be called legendary.

JUMP Force11) Jump Force

Jump Force is a rather interesting game that offers lovers of animated universes to fight in a new fighting game. The uniqueness of this game project lies in the fact that now several universes will immediately be combined into one and users will have the opportunity to fight for a variety of characters. It remains only to download the Jump Force torrent from our website and start playing this exciting game.

It is already known that in the game adventure characters from such animes as One Piece, Naruto and even Death Note will fight. There have long been two different universes, two worlds, the world of Evil and Good. Each lived on his own, and only occasionally did some fall into the opposite world. But terrible times have come – the worlds of Evil and Good merge into one, and now the most powerful heroes will have to confront the Evil that has penetrated their world. Here is such a filling waiting for fans of the manga in the new fighting game.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja12) Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Twelve on the list of best fighting games Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Who would have thought that the anime series Naruto would become so large that it would begin to absorb various layers of the public. For example, this series became very popular in the gaming field and in the fall of 2015 you can see the release of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which continues the interactive narration and this time will become even better than previous game series. The new part of Naruto to visit the modern game consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and also will not disregard the PC.

This time, history will show us events that will tell about the fourth shinobi world war, as well as about the main battle of history: Hashimara and Madara. The main battle of the series will not be left without attention: Sasuke vs Naruto, in which all users and fans will take part. This time the story has become much wider, players will appreciate the improved graphics and more dynamic battles. Another interesting aspect of the project was the opportunity to play for absolutely any shinobi who appeared in this historical period and the ability to create their own unique teams of fighters during the trip. But the most anticipated is the recycling of battles. Players will now be able to use a huge number of different tricks that can still be combined with each other, it all looks incredible and interesting.

Killer Instinct13) Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a fighting game game that has become a computer game legend, with excellent high graphics, a huge selection of fighters, an organic exciting soundtrack and an almost unlimited choice of tactical decisions and actions, as well as the most unexpected combinations of punches. The player who wants to download the Killer Instinct torrent to the computer has the opportunity to choose any desired fighter, with their unique capabilities, colorful smooth animation and individual battle tactics. A special system of combined strokes allows the player to build almost unlimited combinations, which are the key to success in battle. For beginners, the mode of training battles is available, more experienced players can try their hand in battles with other opponents using the network mode.

Significant Killer Instinct features include:

– quality graphics. The creators of the game in the development of the graphics engine involved a huge amount of money and effort, which allowed us to achieve a fantastic picture of the battles, with multiple details and unique visual effects. For the most dedicated fans of the game, which is over 20 years old, the new graphics will be a pleasant surprise that will bring a lot of new impressions of the game.

– a combination of combinations of punches and blocks. The new system of combining attacks and various techniques, the use of Killer Instinct, allows the player to carry out crushing attacks, sometimes leaving the deaf defense, rapidly breaking the course of the battle. The infinity of combinations allows you to make the gameplay more exciting and exciting, filling it with originality and constant originality.

– rewards and progress of the fighter. The game has an advanced system of rewarding and individual progression of fighters, which are adapted exclusively to the behavior of each individual character. The system for selecting opponents for battle is based on an analysis of the skills of the characters, which allows you to make battles equal and effective.

– This is a first-class fighting game that was ported from xbox one to PC, and this is another reason to download Killer Instinct via torrent with us.

– the game retained all the characters who participated in projects of past years. The creators have fully adapted the legendary characters for the new generation of fighting games, giving them additional features. Along with the famous fighters, new characters appeared with unique fighting qualities with specialized fighting techniques.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid14) Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

Fourteenth place in the best fighting games for the game Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. If you like fascinating entertainments connected with powerful rangers, then we suggest not to lose much time and download torrent for Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. This time you will have the opportunity not only to relax, but also to get a lot of pleasure from the opportunity to play for your favorite characters. Just get ready for a direct clash, because this time you have to actively fight enemies, the same heroes and full-fledged villains. You will appreciate the high level of dynamics, the availability of additional weapons and a host of other features. Therefore, there is no need to waste time and just start acting.

As one would expect, a direct encounter with enemies will be not only quite cruel, but also spectacular. Each hero has unique abilities, skills and powerful techniques that can do a lot of damage at a time. Therefore, in order not to encounter any problems, we suggest that you practice a little and study all the combinations. For convenience, a variety of game modes and even a multiplayer format will be available, where you can fight with the same players. As a reward will be available statistics, ranks and small elements of customization.

Now you just have to download Power Rangers Battle for the Grid torrent and you can go on an adventure. You will surely like it and will allow you to succeed without any problems. Beautiful graphics and the atmosphere of powerful rangers attached. Have a nice game!

Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends15) Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends

And we close the list of Top 15 The best fighting games on PC of All Time the game Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends. Fans of fun, fun fighting games and the Kung Fu Panda franchise can enjoy Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. The release will cover all popular platforms, there will even be versions for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The company Vicious Cycle Software, which is not the first to create games based on cartoons, is engaged in development. You can remember “Rinse off!” And the “Ben-10” series.

The game is simple and fun. There were no experiments – it was created according to classical canons, even able to resemble such a legendary series as Mortal Kombat. However, Panda Poe and his comrades live in a very pugnacious, but much brighter and more positive world, so children from 7 years old can play this fighting game. However, adults will also like it due to the abundance of special effects and techniques. You can play alone and in a team, and multiplayer is both online and offline.

The main mode is the Legends Tournament. Needless to say, the best of the best and again the best fight in it? .. In addition to the Panda, it will be possible to take control of the Tigress, the Crane, the Praying Mantis, the Monkey, the Viper and about 15 more characters familiar through the cartoons.


We did not add games created by Japanese studios to this collection. Of course, it is clear that such projects have their own fan base, but site visitors will not be interested in reading about the next 2D fighting game with unknown characters. If you liked the game with top 15 the best fighting games on PC of All Time? feel free to download from our website and enjoy the exciting gameplay.

Good luck!