Top 15 – The best sports games for pc of all the time

Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the timeThe best sports games for pc

No matter how popular shooters and role-playing games are, they still have to reckon with all kinds of sports simulators with a multi-million army of fans around the world. Some of them purposefully search the network for the latest simulators and managers dedicated to certain sports, someone is just starting to get acquainted with this wonderful direction of computer games, the list of which includes more than one hundred projects, and someone draws attention to them those cases when all other genres begin to cause boredom and want to try something completely different. We picked up The best sports games for pc of all the time.

In addition to thematic tops dedicated to certain sports, you can also find here individual reviews and descriptions of the best and latest games about sports, find out all the latest news, and in general get all the necessary information about the best sports simulators in full. Including links where you can safely download your favorite game.

As for the types of sports that we have already managed to compile, you can find The Best sports games for pc of all the time collections further down the list.

Let’s start our sports games rating

fifa 20 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time1) FIFA 20

First on the Top 15 list – The best sports games for pc of all the time FIFA 20. This is the continuation of the cult soccer simulator, which is expected by fans around the world. According to tradition, fans will again receive innovations in graphics: first of all, redesigned facial animation and the mechanics of moving soccer players. And finally, a true distribution of forces in the teams will be thought out. From the previous updates, the key components of UEFA will be preserved, which will allow users to “participate” in the Leagues and the Super Cup. And, of course, the developers did not forget about the beloved English commentators – now fans can enjoy sharp phrases from Derek Ray and Lee Jackson.

Intense gameplay and exciting competition on the field awaits all FIFA 20 fans, while they can watch the gameplay as if through a camera lens located near the field. Developers improve updates and are constantly working on new “chips.” This time, the user will be able to follow the career of the selected player. Also, individual UEFA game modes will be modified, where you can develop your favorite players.

pro evolution soccer 2020 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time2) eFootball PES 2020

Next on the list of best sports games is coming PES 2020. Fans of football simulations, rejoice – this is a continuation of the cult PES series, which you can download torrent from us. The developers thought that each player had his own personality, and the physics worked out would be as unpredictable and close to reality as possible. Users will be able to suddenly make decisions that radically change the outcome of the match. The developers took into account the pros and cons of the previous part and decided to pull in a new and improved engine, allowing you to get a more realistic picture and animation of the players themselves.

Also, each player can be pumped due to the increased number of skills. The characters even more effectively carry out interceptions, correctly and accurately serve, powerfully break through the goal, inspiring horror at the goalkeepers with their signature “penalty kicks”. The game eFootball PES 2020 is thought out so that to score a ball will not be easy – both disadvantageous positions, weather conditions, and painfully reasonable rivals act as an obstacle. If something goes wrong, then the coach will help to pump the necessary skills. Or you just change the composition of your team, watching the arrival of new players.

nba 2k20 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time3) NBA 2K20

If you like sports entertainment, then you will surely like our next offer, which is related to the ability of NBA 2K20 to download torrent. The next interactive adventure promises to be not only diverse, but also as interesting as possible, since now the opportunities for players have no boundaries, the content has become more, as well as the athletes themselves. Thanks to the careful work of the developers, absolutely every user can feel all the excitement of the game, build their career and enjoy modern graphics. It remains only to find some free time to go on this adventure, which will be remembered and provide maximum opportunities.

First of all, it should be noted that for the first time in the history of the game series, the developers still decided to add the WNBA league, which is focused exclusively on women. Is this a good step? We think that it is, because it allows you to enjoy new content without problems, create a women’s team and win new champion titles. Game modes like MyTeam and MyCareer have improved. Giving the opportunity to fight not only with other players, but also to take part in the tournament for the title of the strongest player. Are you ready for such an adventure? Then it remains only to download the NBA 2K20 and begin to build a career as an esportsman. Good luck!

NHL 204) NHL 20

The fourth in the list of The best sports games goes NHL 20 download torrent which you can on this page. The game is a hockey simulator. This winter sport has a huge number of fans, so if you are one of them, then this game will fully satisfy your thirst to play for one of the famous hockey players. Here you will find exciting competitions on the ice for the national championship, singles, as well as international competitions. You will be able to manage all the team members, and for this you will need to learn how to follow the tactics, and correctly place the players. In addition, you have to raise the general fuse of the team to achieve victory.

In NHL 20, events take place on the ice arenas of Europe, America and Canada. Each exit of the team will be accompanied by the applause and applause of your fans, which will only add excitement to the player. The developers made sure that each arena is different from each other, so each match will happen as if for the first time. In each country, at your competitions there will be a different number of fans, because all the arenas are different in capacity. Of course, a virtual meeting of hockey players will not do without the brilliance of spotlights, as is customary in the real world of this sport.

Madden NFL 205) Madden NFL 20

Sports activities offer a lot of scope for activity. Therefore, do not be surprised that the developers are constantly trying to complement the collection of gaming entertainment with completely new developments. For example, today we offer you Madden NFL 20 to download torrent and try to become a big sports star, which has become extremely popular in the vastness of the Western world, especially in the US states. This sport gathers huge stands of fans, invites everyone from childhood to become a participant in the future star. Therefore, you have the opportunity to test your skills in the vastness of the virtual world and just enjoy the game.

And now it should be noted that the game has a hybrid gameplay, which involves controlling the whole team or an individual player. In the first case, you act as a coach, but in the second case, you will have the opportunity to build a personal career, which in the future will necessarily be marked by glory. By the way, the developers created the games taking into account agreements with official gaming clubs and players, so everything you see in the game has a real prototype. Regarding the game, you can take part in the career mode, fight with other players or just hold a series of friendly matches in this unusual sport.

R B I Baseball 156) R.B.I. Baseball 15

Take a bat in your hands if it is at home, because hitting the ball allows you to enjoy the process of hanging out in the fresh air. In the game “R.B.I. Baseball 15 ”you have to see a spectacle, amazing air and even the audience can not take their eyes off a tense match. Two teams put their participants in places so that they quickly respond to innings, as there are three special zones that must be run after a successful strike. And the athletes frantically run along the given trajectory, hoping to be in time before their opponents pass the sports equipment back to the server.

It is difficult to move fast, but you must always be careful, because every second is too expensive in baseball. A few moments allow you to focus on one movement that can ensure the victory of the team, and only two people are already participating here – the bat holder and the ball holder. They both think about how to trick their opponent, because there is only one chance to win. A rubber ball spun in flight is rapidly approaching the hero put up by the coach on the field, and the future of the competition depends on one wave of his hands, so try not to miss.

Lords of Football7) Lords of Football

the seventh in the account the best sports games goes Lords of Football. Lords of Football is a brand new sports simulator. Immerse yourself in football everyday life, imitating the training of football players to improve their skills, as well as all the difficulties and real distractions that unfold during a regular season. Using easy navigation using drag and drop and studying the identity of each of the players, you need to manage all your players and resources in such a way as to bring the team to international competitions. The game takes place in an exciting three-dimensional world where you form your own team and receive club updates as a reward for success to reveal the additional features of this colorful and exciting football simulator

Genre. This is a football lifestyle simulator with a convenient interface in which control is carried out using drag and drop. The mixed genre of the game provides new football opportunities, both in the match and in the personal life of your players. This is a unique game, not like the others!

Matches During a match, give teams not available in any other football game. The capabilities and successes of your team will depend not only on your tactics, but also on how well you take care of the players both on the field and beyond.

A game in the three-dimensional world of football in real time. Discover a fully three-dimensional real-time interaction environment where you can unlock updates that change, improve and expand your world.

The Golf Club 20198) The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 is an exciting sports simulator that will allow you to enjoy an outcast in golf, without even leaving your home! Take part in competitions, win and become the best player in this sport! Your main goal in this game is membership in the most elite golf club, as well as leadership in the most prestigious competitions. Interested in The Golf Club 2019? You can download the torrent on our website. Naturally, achieving this goal is very difficult. To do this, you have a long way to go from a beginner to a true professional. Can you show everyone that you are the best golfer?

In order to win, you will have access to various equipment. Buy new equipment and improve the old. Only in this way can you prove your superiority. There are many different golf courses available in the game. They look very realistic. And playing on standard fields is quite interesting. However, if you still get tired of playing them, you can create your own unique golf course. Moreover, it is also implemented very exciting. Create the most difficult golf course and prove to everyone that you will not be stopped by any obstacles on the way to victory!

F1 20199) F1 2019

F1 2019 is a sports racing simulator, download it via torrent, if you like this genre. Here you can find all the official teams, as well as famous pilots. If you like the exorbitant speed, then you will be able to evaluate how thoroughly the tracks were designed, as well as the cars with professional teams. You will need some time before your person is brought closer to the main team. But before that you will need to make a large amount of effort.

Your character should carefully consider each of the turns, after that, you will be able to show some of the best indicators close to the record. It will be difficult for you to concentrate on your first races, because the surrounding space will beckon with its beauties. However, after a while you will be able to devote all your attention to the road. Here you will immediately receive several competitive modes, each of them has its own characteristics. Choose the one that suits you. This video project pleases gamers with its outputs every year, which can be attributed to the pluses and praise the creators. In any case, if you are not familiar with the series, then we recommend that you go through it before making any conclusions. Take part in the most incredible adventures that can only be in your life.

assetto corsa competizione 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time10) Assetto Corsa Competizione

The game Assetto Corsa Competizione, which can be downloaded for free on our website, is the new official project for the Blancpain GT Series racing tournament. Thanks to the outstanding quality of simulation in this game, you can feel the atmosphere of the GT3 championship, competing against famous drivers and famous teams on recreated tracks. All elements in the game are made with maximum attention to detail, which allowed us to convey the spirit of real competition. You are waiting for an incredible level of realism of races in such modes as “Sprint”, “24 hours of Spa” and “Long-distance race”, which you can take part alone and in multiplayer.

Assetto Corsa Competizione was developed by KUNOS Simulazioni, who has vast experience in creating racing simulations. The game uses all the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4 engine to create photorealistic weather conditions, nighttime racing and animation using motion capture, setting new standards in the genre.

The innovative Assetto Corsa Competizione will become one of the e-sports disciplines in the future, allowing players from all over the world to feel like participating in the Blancpain GT Series tournament and driving prestigious sports cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and many other models recreated with amazing detail.

Need for Speed Heat11) Need for Speed: Heat – Deluxe Edition

So the moment of truth has come that fans of the most popular racing entertainment have been waiting for so long. Not so long ago, the developers introduced the trailer for the new product, and now you can download Need for Speed: Heat – Deluxe Edition without any problems. Yes, you heard right, now you can download a completely new version of the race, which will appeal and will be a new step in the formation of a racing career. They decided to abandon the sports bias, but left the police and street open spaces. In the same way, some plot inserts were left that will not reveal the story, but will help to get acquainted with the environment. There is a lot to ride, as well as to win, otherwise you simply cannot get access to the best cars.

Variety of game modes

The main feature of this game project is that now you will have two game modes. One offers to compete with rivals in the daytime, when there is a large flow of cars, the competition is quite official, and the police are occasionally interested in you. Thanks to this competition, you can earn a lot of money and invest it in a car.

There are also nightly competitions that are unofficial and offer a completely different level of confrontation. In them you can earn a reputation and receive rare parts as a reward. Thanks to them, it will be possible to significantly improve the technical component of the car and get more chances to win. Only during this period, the police show great aggression and it is almost impossible to break away from them. In addition, if they manage to catch you, the fines will be colossal.

In addition to all this, you are waiting for tasks, a detailed customization system and a host of other activities. For example, no one forbids a bit of moving away from the affairs of the rider and just a ride in a beautiful metropolis. You can enjoy the scenery and create a whole collection of beautiful screenshots.

Forza Horizon 412) Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is an arcade car driving simulator that focuses solely on the ability to compete between players, collect a large number of cars in a collection, and simply enjoy an incredible level of graphics environment. This time, the developers will surely please us with numerous changes, improvements and other exciting game modes.

We conquer new open spaces

Compared with the previous parts, the game adventure has not changed much, but has acquired several interesting points:

There is a unique mode called Open World Freedom. This is a special mode that offers users a ride through the open world and create their own personal itineraries. Then you can share them with other players and even get ratings. There are no restrictions in terms of route planning.

Now the developers have implemented a driving simulation called Seasons Change Everything. Thanks to the new system, the car will have to be driven taking into account the environment. It has rained, drought has begun, or the road has become frozen, in each case, the transport will behave in a new way and require additional efforts for smooth control.

Players will have a new bar in terms of collecting cars. Now the assortment will include about 450 different vehicles from more than 100 licensed manufacturers.

There will be another additional mode called Go it Alone or Team Up. Thanks to him, you will have the choice to play alone or join a completely random team. Such changes have a positive effect on the overall picture of the game and provide a guaranteed company of other players.

New adventures will provide a pleasant pastime and simply give unforgettable emotions.

olympic games tokyo 2020 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time13) Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

An exciting game Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 was created in the genre of everyone’s favorite sports arcade. It is dedicated to a large-scale event to be held in Japan next year. The developers have combined in their brainchild several sports that are considered Olympic: volleyball, soccer, swimming, etc. The user will compete with the other rival player of their own choice or with artificial intelligence. To play with friends, you can use the online mode or use the multiplayer.

The gameplay is thought out carefully enough. Here practically all laws of physics are observed. However, we didn’t pass by the fun moments. For example, boxing gloves can be larger than the boxer himself. A competitor can realize his superpowers by inflicting super blows and will accelerate at the same time instant. These moments were fulfilled in order to warm up the user’s interest in the game process, to provide an opportunity not only to “play sports”, but also to relax.

You do not have to get used to the role of a real existing athlete. You can create a new athlete at any time and upgrade his profile. Throughout the competition, you can change the dimensions of his body, equipment and experiment in every way. Diverse costumes can help you demonstrate your own unique taste and style. It will be very interesting to look when a participant dressed in heavy ammunition rushes along the treadmill.

tennis world tour 300x300 - Top 15 - The best sports games for pc of all the time14) Tennis World Tour

If many names of athletes are not an empty phrase for you, then the game that will be discussed was created for you, so download the Tennis World Tour torrent from our website faster. The game was created at the request of many players, and Breakpoint Studio turned their requests into reality. Of course, that some points were not ideal in preparation for the release of the game, many times the date was rearranged due to the fact that the main aspects were not prepared. There was a time when the studio stopped being funded by the publisher, so in many ways the game was constantly under pressure from circumstances.

As a result, when the game was finally released, the not so positive comments that were expected fell. The reason for this was that the game was not brought to mind and made right, apparently because the publisher decided that the best marketing move would be to release the long-awaited game in the season when several major tennis championships are held. Most likely, the publisher just wanted to earn as much money as possible, so it was not so important for them whether the game was modified. Of course, it’s better not to blame the developers for the mistakes that we may encounter during the game.

Chessmaster 900015) Chessmaster 9000

Closing the list of the best sports games is the new part of the unique series of chess games Chessmaster 9000 The cult simulator of intellectual games has become even better, more beautiful, more complicated. The extraordinary popularity of this project brought glory to the developers. Not a single company could do this. A game that can beat the best chess players in the world.

Of course, Garry Kasparov managed to defeat the Deep Junior computer, but he had not played Chessmaster 9000 yet! And what if the chess ruler is napping in you? Then do not waste time and fight with the most advanced artificial intelligence. Speaking of intelligence, it is worth mentioning the participation in the project of Larry Evans – grandmaster and winner of the American chess championship. Enumerate the capabilities of the “Chessmaster 9000” can be long and hard, but all these are just beautiful words. Want to learn how to play, or test your experience by battling the strongest player? Then, be sure to pick up the “Chessmaster 9000“!


Without a doubt, this list, like any Top 15, comes down to personal preference, and, of course, sports fans may not agree with us. But in our opinion, arcade games are much more interesting than those that try to make you feel in a real field. Are there any other games that could be included in this list? To date, we believe this is The best sports games for pc of all the time. Download your favorite game and enjoy the gameplay.

Good luck!