Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020In 2020, a lot of various horror games are released, so lovers of tickling nerves will be happy. Compared to previous years, 2019 was a disappointment for fans of horror games. Although there were certainly great horror games in 2019, some of the most anticipated titles have failed with critics and fans. Fans of horror games should not be disappointed. Today we will consider the Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020, which will interest everyone.

We present to your attention the list of Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020

Little Nightmares 21) Little Nightmares 2

A cult story about the extraordinary adventure of a little girl, who was surrounded by real horror. In the first part, you had the opportunity to get acquainted with an amazing story that was gloomy and at the same time beautiful, especially in the end, when the main character managed to escape. And now there is a chance to continue this journey, only Little Nightmares 2 is left to download the torrent. And after that, all paths will be open for you, you just need to try a little to be confident and strive for a favorable result. Therefore, we suggest not wasting time and just starting to act.

Company Travel

This time the adventure will take place in a completely different direction, where you can have a good time and again escape from dangerous creatures. Another interesting nuance will be that you can easily interact with your new traveler who can interact with you and help in this adventure. You just have to take the opportunity to download Little Nightmares 2 via torrent. Help the children get rid of the persecution and survive on a particularly dangerous journey that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 20202) Resident Evil 2

Second on the list of Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020 is Resident Evil 2. A huge community of fans of the Resident Evil game series have been asking developers for a long time to start working actively on re-publishing the second part of the adventure, since the first turned out to be quite popular and in demand among the entire audience. At first, the developers were silent and denied for a long time, indicating that the re-release would not be very successful. But over time, developers still became actively interested in the opinions of users and finally agreed that Resident Evil 2 should be tackled. But the main factor of this decision was still the high popularity of the first part, which received a personal reprint.

Now let’s move on to the recent announcement at the E3 conference, which pleased everyone and even allowed us to enjoy the trailer on the gameplay component. Early rumors that the company was completely remaking the game part were confirmed, as the game looks just fine. The game received a whole new level of detail, provided a new fixed camera behind the main character, and also saturated the game with a completely new atmosphere. Thanks to so many changes, the game project turned out spectacular and quite interesting. And in order not to worry about accessibility, you can download the torrent Resident Evil 2.

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 20203) Control

Remedy did not stand aside and also announced at the conference its new game project called Control. This time, the developers pleasantly surprised their fans with a completely new adventure concept, which is only a bit like Quantum Brake, but it looks noticeably better. Now it remains only to download the torrent Control from our website.

At E3, the developer even shared the first trailer, which offers much more interesting viewing opportunities. Firstly, there was presented a purely gameplay, which was full of various details. Secondly, now the main emphasis in the adventure will be placed exclusively on weapons. The main character in the video with a gun did incredible things. She not only destroyed her enemies, but simultaneously exploded a variety of shells, levitated and even moved objects. The plot of the game, which is now focused solely on the fact that the main character will fight with otherworldly forces and save people from imminent death, did not go unnoticed.

Oxenfree4) Oxenfree

4 on the list of Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020 is a fairly young and promising game Oxenfree. This is a teenage thriller that talks about a group of teenagers. set off for an evening stroll along the coast of the sea. The main character of the game is Alex, a girl with azure hair, who later became the reason for the accidental opening of the portal to the other world. Now friends will have to survive a completely unfamiliar world, which is not only gloomy, but also dangerous.

You can download the Oxenfree game for free and without registration from our website.




Darkest Dungeon5) Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a psychological game with hand-drawn graphics from the independent company Red Hook. It turned out a kind of scary, very scary tale. As befits a representative of the genre, the gamer is waiting for the generation of the world and no extra lives are waiting, that is, attempts. Therefore, saves should be used carefully, otherwise you will have to go through again, again, again … The game is really difficult, primarily because the characters are very vulnerable. No, they are not weak and not cowardly, but, as befits living beings, they experience stress in difficult situations, which reduces their combat potential. We have to teach them how to pull themselves together. In general, the game turned out to be interesting, which is why we decided that you need to download the Darkest Dungeon torrent quickly and free of charge from our website.

Gothic atmosphere:

The name of the game speaks for itself. From here it is clear where the events will unfold. It is also clear that a gloomy picture awaits us, as noted, it is drawn. According to the plot, one person who received a large estate discovered that different monsters threatened his property and life, so you need to find a portal under the house from which the vile creatures come. Scary, but nowhere to go.

Outlast 26) Outlast 2

Outlast, which became the hit of 2012, ended in the most frightening place. Work on the second part is in full swing, as the company announced in the fall of 2014. And this is the most important thing! And when will the game outlast 2 free download via torrent be possible? This can be done right now using our site.

It is worth recalling that the original version of many publications recognized as the best horror of 2012. It was created with great zeal by a very small team – there were 10 people in it. The same people will work on Outlast 2, so the result will definitely be impressive. The first part was created on the Unreal Engine 3. The novelty will obviously be more advanced in terms of graphics, since in the spring of 2014 the fourth version of the famous engine was released.


Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 20207) Silent Hill 2

Mysterious cities often become the main reason that people are gradually losing their minds in order to realize their dreams. Today you will have the opportunity to embark on a long adventure, in which it will be enough to go, you just need to download Silent Hill 2 and take on the role of the main character, who accidentally learned that the missing wife has reappeared and now there is an opportunity to meet her again. True, for this you will need to go to a mysterious city called Silent Hill. He is known for being a ghost and is constantly in the fog. Everyone who went there disappeared and never returned.

The gameplay is presented in a third-person horror format. Initially, you just have to explore the city, discover secrets and follow in the wake of his wife. Then you will become a hostage of the city and will try to get out, what to speak of the need to fight the devil of hell, which will appear quite unexpectedly and will attack you. Do not forget that along the way you have to solve a variety of puzzles that will help you get to your desired goal.

Sylvio8) Sylvio

Juliet is the beautiful name of one girl, young, smart, and possessing the gift to record the voices of the dead. If you think that the game Sylvio is a story about schizophrenia, then you are greatly mistaken. All these spirits are more real than the world itself, because they are always nearby, and wait for the insulted soul to listen to them. The fact that the girl had to endure a lot of bullying, was the reason for the change in her soul. In short, the protagonist mutated spiritually, becoming a receptacle for supernatural powers. Yes, she did not call the devil, but now the heroine is in ambush.

Voices got her, she wanted to record everything on a voice recorder, and now she is wandering around the damned city where the collapse happened. Why do you need to go to such a place if you know that there is trouble? That’s right, because she was literally dragged there, and she, unaware of what was happening, decided that she just wanted to become a detective. As a result, the protagonist is in a trap where the spirits were waiting for her, but at the same time she can defend herself from attacks. Perhaps embittered lesser beings cannot understand the meaning of the presence of a young girl, and the older dead men called her here so that with their excavations the young heroine would free the souls forgotten by the world.

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 20209) Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a legendary interpretation of the most popular and famous detective with horror elements created by Luffcraft. But do not look back at the past and look better at the future, as you have to unravel the most mysterious death of an entire Hawkins family. They recently moved from a large continent to a secluded island with a huge mansion. At first, everything was fine, but unexpected things gradually began to happen, which then led to the tragic death of all family members. And in order to quickly understand what happened, you will first have to download Torrent on PC to Call of Cthulhu, and then you have to connect all the available facts to achieve a good result.

Yes, as you might have guessed, this game is based on works from Cthulhu, which were amazing and can still keep many readers at bay. And now you have to completely immerse yourself in the interactive universe to try to figure out all the strange events. It is not necessary to act alone, since two people will come to your aid: a war veteran and a professional private investigator. Together with them you have to explore every corner of a mysterious island, reveal the secrets of the family and even figure out the mystical events. In any case, you will get the maximum pleasure from the gameplay, so you should not delay it and just first download Call of Cthulhu via torrent, and only then think over all your actions. It remains only to wish you good luck, you will definitely need it.

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 202010) Cry of Fear

And the last place in the list of Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020 is Cry of Fear. A great gift for all horror fans, which is a new modification for the cult game Half Life. Developers from Team Psykskallar managed to create the most ambitious horror project of recent times. This game has beautiful graphics, which is provided by the improved Half-Life engine, which fetters the player with an atmosphere of all-consuming horror. A fascinating non-linear plot with several options for the finale is intriguing and makes you go forward all the time. In addition, this game has a large number of various puzzles made in the best traditions of the 8th part of Silent Hill. For fans of joint passage in the game there is an excellent cooperative mode. But still, the main feature of this game is the atmosphere of indescribable horror, which will accompany all the time of passage. Download Cry of Fear for free and without registration is possible from our website.

After reviewing the Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2020 on our website, you can easily choose the most interesting game for yourself. Good luck!