The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020

The most anticipated video games of 2020New games 2020

Many of the games that we are waiting for have moved since last year. However, in 2020, the timing is unlikely to be shifted so much, because already this year a new generation of consoles should appear, and the developers will probably try to be in time with their releases until this moment. This year our list of The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020 consists of the most popular games.

The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020

The Last of Us: Part 21. Last of Us: Part 2

First on the list of The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020 Without delay, download The Last of Us: Part 2 from the torrent, the continuation of one of the best games of all time. Touching to the core of the story, gorgeous cinematic graphics and exciting gameplay – everyone should get acquainted with this masterpiece of the gaming industry.

Story line

More than five years have passed since the events of the first part and our heroes have matured significantly. The story now revolves around Ellie, who matured and is not the same scandalous teenager. It is for her that we have to go through most of the story, fighting the infected and dreaming of avening the “fireflies” who nearly ruined her for revenge. Old Joel lost his health and turned gray, but did not go away. He is still nearby and fatherly loves his baby Ellie, ready at any moment to come to the rescue. I really do not want to spoil it, because this game is a large and interesting book, with unexpected twists and storylines.

Ghost of Tsushima2. Ghost of Tsushima

A new action game from the American company Sucker Punch – Ghost of Tsushima download a torrent specializing in the development of computer games. The game is an adventure thriller with a third-person perspective. The game will be similar to games such as God Eater 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Story line

The plot of Ghost of Tsushima tells us about the tragic and difficult fate of a lonely Japanese samurai in 1274. It was at this time, the hordes of the Mongols led by Kublai Khan invaded the territory of Japan, namely the island of Tsushima. It was at that time that the Mongol Empire was in its heyday, enriched and expanded thanks to the aggressive campaigns of Genghis Khan. His grandson, Khubilai, continued the aggressive policy of his great grandfather. Sometimes, Jin can enlist the support of a surviving peasant or the widow of a deceased samurai, but he will still have to take the brunt of the war with the Mongols.

The most 15 anticipated video games of 20203. Biomutant

It is an action-style video game, developed by a Swedish studio, download Biomutant via torrent on our convenient site. Here you can travel to the non-standard world of post-apocalypse. The characters here are animals who were able to build their own city and unite against a single enemy. The developers provided the opportunity to learn martial arts skills. New wards will be able to show what results they achieved in kung fu. To diversify your passage, various types of weapons were introduced here, for example, an assault rifle, more compact pistols and powerful shotguns. Actions will proceed in various planes.

Story line

Because of the mutation, your new friends have come to possess interesting abilities. Now they are no longer ordinary representatives of the fauna, but more powerful and dexterous creatures, ready to rush into battle. Fighting enemies will be very interesting. Directly in flight, you can attack opponents, and without touching the ground to deal with them. However, before doing this, you should team up with other like-minded people to make it easier to defeat the villains. Go to the old ruins to find radiation that will help pump your hero. If done correctly, you will quickly feel the result. The outfit of your heroes is simply excellent. Put on your satchels to help you fly long distances. You can also use a chainsaw. You yourself can decide which equipment is more suitable. To survive you will need to have a sufficient level of oxygen in the cylinders.

Watch Dogs Legion4. Watch Dogs: Legion

The large company Ubisoft Montreal does not intend to stop and continues to actively develop its gaming universes. As you might have guessed earlier, the development team decided to continue the legendary story of the confrontation between hackers and the state surveillance system. This time we will talk about the cult continuation of the Watch Dogs game series, which is already at the completion stage. Most recently, developers have confirmed that they are working on it and almost everything is ready. Therefore, now you can download Watch Dogs Legion torrent to PC from our website.



The most 15 anticipated video games of 20205. Dying light 2

The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020 takes its rightful place Dying light 2. Do not waste time and download Dying Light 2 from a torrent from our website. The continuation of the cult zombie action movie with elements of parkour, an open world and breathtaking batches!

Story line

Only fifteen years have passed since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but this period was enough for the world to lose all the achievements of civilization. Among the ruins of formerly residential buildings, huts from improvised materials are scattered, instead of technology – windmills. People who survived in this mess resemble animals, cruelty and violence reigns all around, a terrible shortage of medicines and food. Electricity is generated sluggishly, almost all of it goes to maintaining ultraviolet light devices, the task of which is to drive away night visitors in the form of zombies. And in this extremely unfriendly environment, our hero has to find his place in the sun.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The second part of the adventures of little Ori, which will be appreciated by both fans of the original and those who have touched this game series for the first time. Download Ori and the Will of the Wisps from a torrent and enjoy the perfect platformer in a fabulous setting.

Story line

The story is a direct continuation of the first part of the adventures of the charismatic white animal and part-time forest spirit named Ori. Now he has to get out of the Nibel forest in order to find his true destiny and unravel the secrets of the “lost.” In this difficult matter, he will be helped by friends we know from the first part. Naru is the adoptive mother and guardian of Ori, Gumo is the last surviving humon from the ruins of Forlorn, and baby Kuro is a good-natured nestling resembling an owl.

Nioh 27. Nioh 2

This time, the developers shared information that they are actively working to continue the hardcore role-playing game called Nioh. They presented the trailer and no further information was given. From the video, it became clear that this time the great Japanese warrior has to fight with countless and dangerous mystical creatures. Regarding the release date or any features of the game, nothing was said. But one thing is certain, you can now download Nioh 2 torrent from our website quickly and for free. Therefore, we recommend you do it right now and enjoy the exciting gameplay.




Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 28. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is a video game filmed in the RPG genre. You have to face a huge number of difficulties that you can overcome. A variety of enemies will want to fight you, so try to remain vigilant. For these purposes, you will need special weapons, without which you can not advance far, but with it you may have an advantage. The actions themselves will be shown in the first person, which gives you the opportunity to feel like a part of this world. The creatures of the night had one significant goal – to make Los Angeles their property. Based on this, it becomes clear that humanity is in danger. Further we suggest to learn more detailed information. Download the game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 for free, you can on our website.



Cyberpunk 20779. Cyberpunk 2077

You can download the game Cyberpunk 2077 via torrent using our website. New terrain, a new plot, new heroes and new battles for the city of Night City.

Story line

Download the game Cyberpunk 2077 via torrent and plunge into the near future becomes real. Cyberpunk 2077 is an Action / RPG game based on Mike Pondsmith. The game takes place 57 years later in a city called Night City, West Coast, California. Conflicts between the people and the law are raging on the streets. Permanent rallies, riots, propaganda, terrorist acts. However, the government does not intentionally give in to the anti-legalists, arresting every rebel. Their policy is cruel, and their head does not give a calm life to the people, raising taxes and introducing new exclusive legislative provisions in the country. Such changes are taking place due to the crisis that has overtaken the state. In this regard, the government decided to request financial assistance from transnational corporations. Over time, corporations took power and gained unlimited powers in the country. Meanwhile, outside the city, people suffer from looting and endless terrorist attacks, and every nomad is obliged to pay local smuggling. As for development, there is no need to occupy a place in this Night City, since science has advanced as much as a person has the ability to change any honor of the body in a matter of hours. Synthetic leather is able to replace genuine leather and at the same time it will be completely similar.

Marvel's Avengers A-Day10. Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day

Who would have thought that soon the gaming market would begin to actively change and create incredible gaming projects. So it became known that Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day game of the Avengers universe, which is the brainchild of Marvel, has already been released.

Story line

Now the companies have entered into a strong partnership and even already released the first trailer, which immediately leads to a gloomy feeling and is looking forward to something truly unpredictable. But what exactly the developers are preparing and which side of the plot the game will affect, everything remains a secret. Learn this, we offer right now by downloading the torrent Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day

The Elder Scrolls 611. The Elder Scrolls 6

We offer for your consideration the next part of  The Elder Scrolls 6 users, which was so liked by the users, which is a role-playing game in the style of fantasy, where an absolutely open world and an already beloved kingdom await you, download via torrent if I was waiting for it the same way. The creators make small adjustments to the process of passing and significantly raised the bar of the graphic component. This time you will be transported towards adventures.

Story line

After the ruler’s death in the kingdom, complete disagreement begins, internecine warriors take place, fights over the territory do not stop, but the main snag is the return of fire-breathing dragons, controlled by a terrible villain, who ordered them to destroy the palace and seize the rule. And here is your way out. This time you play as a character half a dragon and a man who is destined to clash with ruthless enemies and restore the kingdom to its former tranquility and prosperity. You have to go a dangerous path before you can defeat all rivals – and fire-breathing, and monsters and other creatures that will confront you. Be a true legend for your entire tribe.

The most 15 anticipated video games of 202012. Skull & Bones

With the game Skull and Bones, you can become one of the famous pirates, download a video game through a torrent to achieve this. At the moment, not so much attention has been paid to this topic and therefore the developers decided to catch up. Here you can fully feel what it feels like to be a fearless corsair. Take control of a whole ship, engage in the conquest of unbridled expanses, and by itself capture other people’s ships for the purpose of enrichment. You can do business you are interested in, but do not forget to extract valuable resources that will be needed to improve the ship. Improve yourself and then you can achieve more.

Story line

The authors propose to take control of the young captain, who after a while will get an excellent team. Together with them you will plow the sea in search of the necessary resources, fight with ill-wishers and improve the main means of earning. As soon as you find yourself at the helm, you will need to independently manage the recruited team. At the initial stage, you will not have enough experience, but after a while you will be able to achieve excellent results.

Halo Infinite13. Halo infinite

Halo Infinite is a completely new part of the legendary Mate Chief game. At first, it might seem that the game series has completely died, but now it became clear that the developers spent all this time creating something amazing, interesting and attractive. Now it remains only to download the Halo Infinite torrent from our website.

Story line

First of all, it is worth noting that the new part of the adventure will be created exclusively on a new game engine called Slipspace Engine. Thanks to new features, you will certainly be able to enjoy not only individual and traced locations, but also discover something incredible and interesting. The main feature will be an accessible game world that previously could not even be represented. Now you can freely travel around spacious locations and even explore the surroundings.

Deathloop14. Deathloop

If you miss the dynamic battles, we suggest you go on a new adventure, where the killers play the main role. You can download Deathloop torrent from our site. As for the main conflict, two professional killers will fight among themselves, one of which must destroy the loop, and the second must defend this invention with all its might.

Story line

The battle will take place in real time, so you just have to shoot accurately, use a variety of abilities and try to achieve success. In addition to a duel between killers, other enemies will appear around who will ambush, shoot from far away and simply harm as much as possible. Be extremely careful and watch out for your rivals. Good luck!


Disintegration15. Disintegration

And completes the list of The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020 game Disintegration. The future quite often turns out to be rather gloomy and unfavorable. So this time, if you decide to download Torrent Disintegration, you will get the opportunity to embark on an adventure that promises to be extremely unpredictable and interesting. You will take on the role of a brave warrior who has a clear mind and plans to revive humanity. The fact is that unexpected visitors from outer space decided to completely destroy humanity and now those who survived are planning to rebel against the invaders and destroy them. You will become the commander of a small detachment, will control a gravity fighting motorcycle and command a small handful of soldiers.

On our site you will find not only The most 15 anticipated video games of 2020, but also unforgettable classic games for all age groups. Good luck!